Knights of Venus - 37k word Mech WIP - Updated 05/16/24

Because I’m nice, and I’ve decided that I’m keeping my current system (with the caveat that I’ve added different priorities for bold/cautious MCs), here’s two teeny tiny teasers for everyone who voted Yes.

@{(bold > 50} You take a moment to spit in your cockpit, steeling yourself to win anyways.| You can't help but think you've bitten off more than you can chew.}
*if (ruth <= 60) and ((mechcolor1 != "red") and (mechcolor2 != "red"))                    
  You can't help but notice a few red smears against $!{mechname}'s legs.

How unhygienic. Some of us have to work in this cockpit, y’know.


Good to know writing progress swimmingly


As condolences for no weekend update (I know, I’m disappointed too), a small snippet and a reassurance that I am still pushing to update before May.

As the days pass and your armature starts to come together, one thing that you find yourself having to practice and get used to on the simulator is something you never expected:

Having hands.


Time to throw them!

Honestly, I’d prefer a later update and a less stressed author. XD


I’ll be less stressed once I get it out :sweat_smile:. I’m already worried it’ll be a little small given the time between updates (I say this, it’s already more than doubling the current wordcount), I just want to publish an actual update.


Ah, yes, hands, those incalculably unwieldy and unnecessary appendages, curse whatever God or fluke of genetics resulted in their very creation. Humanity can do better without those, thank you very much. And as for those opposable thumbs, who needs them, really? There are countless species of organisms out there and all of them seem to do well without, so why should we?


Hullo everyone! Got a tumblr ask, completely failed to meet my self-imposed deadlines, the usual. Good news is I’ve already more than doubled the wordcount with a decent little bit more to go on the update. I’ve got effectively one more fight scene (and some cleaning work on another), and the mission debrief, then I can ship the update. Unless I die again, update in May FOR SURE.


Take your time.


Good news mech lovers. Final fight scene of the update is completely coded. Just needs prose filled in, then I can push the update. I’m truncating the full debrief, because I need to write a version that hooks into the other mission in Chapter 1 and one that hooks into the first downtime segment, so that’ll come later. Update could come tonight (or, well, tomorrow morning) if I lock tf in, otherwise before the weekend if I don’t get sick again (I have been exposed to some ill folk, so no promises).

EDIT: Super special teaser for my forum darlings, because you all are my favorites:

The two of you work as an efficient team of killers, systematically eliminating… You decide to put a bit of challenge on yourself, going for headshots or attempting to blow the legs of the… out. It makes your grimly easy work a bit more entertaining


Yayyy can’t wait finally got to do amazing fight scenes

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I certainly hope they’re amazing :sweat_smile:. Good news is the update after this one will be a bit less sprawling, focusing more on one big brawl than multiple segments and variations like this one is. We’ll see how it plays.


Can’t wait to be an menace like Char in Gundam.

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Oh, sure, now that I’m swamped with work. flips table


Here’s a few flip table/desk gif in case you wanted to use them later.


giphy (11)
giphy (12)
giphy (13)
200w (1)


:: snickers ::

As someone who died in the first opportunity after thinking that fighting a Knight while using an armature obviously not meant for it was a good idea, I appreciate you letting us pick such options lol it adds to the :sparkles: immersion :sparkles:

I also really liked how you handled the character customization. It was very natural and fitted well with the rest of the narrative (and I can already tell that the MC will be one of my favorite characters. I can’t say no to a good and old mercenary, it seems). I’m looking forward to the next update!


It’s HERE! The update is HERE! Twenty three thousand words of mechy goodness at your fingertips!

In this update:

  • Kill a spider!
  • Make friends with a spider!
  • Make enemies with a spider!
  • Make a long shot!

What I’d love to hear: How’s the pacing? Page breaks especially are something I’m unsure about, I was never quite sure how it’d come out on a page. I also want to know how combat feels. Smooth? Clunky? How frequently did your character do something you didn’t want them too? Do you feel like you have enough control?

P.S. Dashingdon is being annoying, for the time being the demo is only available on the shiny new Moody successor CoGDemos. Apologies for the inconvenience, will attempt to resolve ASAP, but wasn’t going to spend all night delaying the demo.

Fixed, Dash demo is now up.


Let’s gooooooo!!! :tada: :partying_face: Super hype! I’m coming, Sunny!


Yay time to stop working on homework for a bit :grin: