Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Meh, I like my interpretation better, Leon is certainly rich and eccentric/spoiled enough for it. Besides you do know what kind of outfit the polo shirt was originally developed to be a part of, right? :sweat_smile:

Besides, just “pants” is the term that is open to a very wide range of interpretation. What pants, jeans, slacks, shorts are all forms of pants, as are polo pants.


I wonder if he ever wears hoodies?? Like, can this man please own a hoodie? It’s literally every girl’s dream to steal their man’s hoodie (I can confirm that I’ve been guilty of this, returned it back to him tho bc im a decent human being)

And is it just me or are the ugliest clothes always the most expensive? Gucci? Overrated. Their designs are so ugly. Chanel? Doesn’t even look that good. I guess they’re hand-made and all but still… Luxury brands are pretty ugly imo.

I remember that there was a big fuss about one of the Kardashian sisters, apparently she bought such an expensive dress that people made headlines about it. I decided to check it out and surprise, it was from a luxury brand collection. And it was the most ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. It looked like it was made out of plastic, and the color scheme was horrible.

This is the dress that everyone was so excited about

Sorry, but I’m here to spill the tea about coffee :tea:


That must be a women’s fashion trope then. I generally find this to be the opposite for guys. Which is what got me into thrift shop hunting when I was younger, because I couldn’t afford to buy luxury clothing first hand, but at the same time I was getting tired of the really cheap fast-fashion for guys.

While men’s fashion has certainly got its fair share of weird and, dare I say ugly designs, overall a lot of it is actually really nice. You can judge for yourself here.
I’ve never cared much about women’s fashion and I would say at first glance most of it looks really, really impractical. Unlike a lot of the menswear outfits which are actually wearable on the street and I do regularly see some of the pieces pop up in the more upscale parts of the city, particularly during evenings on some of the richer guys. And Amsterdam is still a relative backwater, I assume you’re going to get lots more nice and fashionably dressed (young) men in cities like Milan, Paris or New York.

what else? Fashion

Sorry for not pasting the images directly, but they are rather big, if you wanna see just click the links.

For example if Cyrus ever wants to dress in white, I think this white leather jacket would look nice on him:
Heck, that whole outfit would probably look cute on Cy.

And for flamboyant, this gold-accented number would probably look really cute on my Nephilim mc:

But forget about couture, with men’s fashion you tend to get what you pay for, just compare sites like these to
the cheap ones.

Two of my personal fave ones for fashion leather would be this one and this one . The last one being one I actually use fairly frequently as it is both within the EU and my price range (for the most part).

Point is with the deplorable or even non-existent budget of the mc you’re not going to find anything decent. Even if we take the vacation home and bring our original wardrobe back with us there’s still the problem that the mc is getting pretty much constantly attacked and their clothes damaged, so even our original wardrobe would probably get demolished pretty quickly and we obviously cannot afford any quality replacements. :unamused:

Still, had the new opening been in the beta I’d have requested the option to ask our mom/dad to bring some of our own clothes with them in chapter 5 and the first thing my mc would do if/when going home for the holidays would be to run to his old room to change!

Good thing I’m not a girl then and neither is my mc. Jackets/Coats or boots are the nicest things to “borrow” from cute boyfriends, imho. Assuming they’re close to your size.
I mean my mc in Wayhaven was awfully tempted to keep Adam’s nice and expensive coat. :grin:

Oh here’s the social media of the only cutie brown-haired polo player I know of by name.


Thank you!

Thalia and Altair perspectives on winter solstice dates with MC.


“Did you have to? We were really bonding there!“ MC frowns, and it’s cute, as if they expect things to change just by wanting them to.

I snicker. “You and the specter shark? Sorry, babe, wasn’t meant to be.” ‘Cause things aren’t always meant to be, MC, but we can ignore that for now.

“Darn.” They sigh. “And we were totally gonna go snorkeling together tomorrow.”

“It’s December.” They tried, and I admire that, but still.

“It could be an indoor pool!”


“It’s so peaceful here.” Isn’t that what I’d wanted? Peace?

(Selfishly, yes.)

“Yeah.” MC smiles, and I find myself returning the expression instinctively. “I think the phrase art imitates life has never been so accurate.”

I laugh; they have no idea. “I guess I’ve always liked the statue garden for that reason.“

Or maybe I had hated it for that reason. But MC likes it, and they’re smiling so warmly at me now that it doesn’t really matter. I lean in to kiss MC, and despite the cold their lips are warm.


So @daydreamsincolor do Leon or any of the other guys, particularly the wealthier ones like Cy and Alty play something like polo, or its magical equivalent, with whatever the heck weird creatures magi would probably use for such a sport?

Couple Outfits

Couple outfits

Sure: Altair, Astrid, Katia, Kol, Leon

Nope: Cressida, Cyrus, Seraphina, Thalia, Yakov

Yay! Alty. :heart_eyes:
Aww,come on Cy. :disappointed: Though with Cyrus it probably shouldn’t be an exact couple’s outfit, but rather a complementary one, like one in black and one in white. :thinking:
Anyway looks like my second mc has his work cut out talking Cy into it. Fortunately he has a lot of time as at the moment the mc couldn’t afford a decent outfit anyway and such things must be done right, if they are to be done at all. :unamused:

@Fay I’m guessing your mc would be pleased with Leon’s take on the matter, unless she herself isn’t into it of course. :sweat_smile:


Valentine’s Day equivalent

Plans for weeks: Altair, Astrid, Cressida, Kol

Last minute dinner reservations: Cyrus, Leon

Nothing special: Katia, Seraphina, Yakov

Half-priced chocolate the day after: Thalia

Dammit Alty! :unamused: Don’t make my poor mc feel inadequate. :angry:
Cyrus and Leon actually seem to align with my thinking, at least the one time I cared enough to do it, it was indeed a very last-minute dinner reservation. (though I did have to save up for a couple of weeks before, I just forgot to actually reserve something until the last minute). Had I been richer back then my approach probably really would have perfectly matched Leon and Cy’s. :sweat_smile:

"But I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs." aka Meyers-Briggs Psychobabble

Altair: INTJ

Astrid: ENFP

Cressida: ISTJ

Cyrus: INFP

Katia: ENFP


Leon: ENFJ

Seraphina: ISTJ

Thalia: ESFP

Yakov: ISTJ

Oh, wow! Never figured Cy for the mediator personality type. :astonished: Though in hindsight it probably makes sense. And I know from some other asks and this thread that Cyrus can apparently be a charming darling when he wants to be (possibly taking him to meet the mc’s mom while on good terms with him, was one of those hinted at possibilities, I believe).

Anyway this psychobabble passage on INFP seems particularly relevant to Cyrus:
Unlike their Extraverted cousins though, INFPs will focus their attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause – spread too thinly, they’ll run out of energy, and even become dejected and overwhelmed by all the bad in the world that they can’t fix.

The dejected and overwhelmed parts of that description might go a long way towards explaining his near perpetually grumpy outward personality. Wonder if there ever was a younger, hopeful more outwardly idealistic and sweet kid Cy at one point. :thinking:

Didn’t figure Alty for an INTJ either, though knowing does make his choice of magical technology innovation seem a bit more logical. But he’s just so sweet and gentlemanly in his conduct, or at least he was. That I have trouble seeing some of the more common negative INTJ traits in Alty, such as arrogance, over-confidence (okay this one may be a bit present in his self-assessment of his potions skill), judgemental (hmm…in hindsight I can see bits of this one too) or clueless in romance. Alty sure didn’t seem clueless to me, but maybe he’s just a really good actor. He does seem to have most of the positive traits of the personality type down pat tho.

Leon has the ENFJ “Protagonist” or “Leading man” personality type, hmmm :thinking:
I’ll be honest, neither I nor my mc’s had Leon pegged as a natural leader, on the other hand he, surprisingly, does very well in the final battle (and may save a damsel-in-distress mc during it). Still had Sera pegged as the overall ringleader of the gamble, but I could have been wrong I guess.
Though one weakness Leon has that a traditional ENFJ does not, according to my airport-bought psychobabble book is his signature arrogance. But then these personality types aren’t particularly accurate anyway.
I grant that he may indeed be charismatic and tolerant. Not seeing the too selfless and fluctuating self-esteem parts. Unless his signature arrogance is a shield to mask those.

Crush the competition?

Anonymous asked: How do ROs behave when playing a super competitive game? ( like monopoly or smash bros)

All’s fair in love and war: Astrid, Cyrus, Leon, Thalia

Chill, lets MC win: Altair, Katia, Kol

Knows she shouldn’t care but goes all out anyway: Cressida, Seraphina

Doesn’t totally understand the rules but wins anyway: Yakov

Awww…alty come on! :unamused: Hope the kid is a really good actor as my main mc in particular doesn’t like it if people just let him “win”. :angry:

Honestly hadn’t expected little kitty cat to be that competitive, however.


And Astrid got knocked down a peg again.

These posts made it a lot easier to decide who I like best. I generally dislike anyone who wants to pay a lot of attention to clothes, matching couples uniform :nauseated_face:

:blush: Lovely, she does more than I do honestly. I’ve never put much celebration in most of the holidays besides Halloween and Christmas.



Are there any major magi holidays?


And we get on so swimmingly. :grin:

Different strokes for different folks, I obviously really like them. they’re one of the ultimate tools for self-expression. Both in real and fictional life. Though many of my mc’s enjoy considerably more freedom in that department then I do in real-life.
Also couple outfits can be adorable. Just Google Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black’s wedding to see what I mean.

Sounds like me and my mom back when I was younger. We’d make a day of thrift-shop hunting. Generally, you can look quite good on a tight budget, but the caveat is time is money. What you don’t put in it in terms of money, you’ve got to be able and willing to invest in time, since you need a lot of it to comb thrift shops and garage sales. And you really need to visit those in person and try second-hand things on before you buy them due to no returns. I mean I’ll always remember that time those rich Belgians thought mom and me were actually rich. :grinning:
Of course in-game the mc is in the rotten position where due to their overloaded schedule and chronic lack of money they are not in a position to either simply buy the nice things they want/need nor do they have the time to really hunt for them slightly used on a tiny budget.

Imho, he should have just listened to you. For whatever it’s worth in-game my main mc would rather live naked under a bridge than accept things, possibly including fancy clothes from his asshole of a magical “father”. :angry:

For a lot of real guys, including myself. As well as many of my mc’s that is a valid strategy. Particularly on a limited budget. Black can nearly always be made to work for guys.

Too long of a post for my taste

I was always ok with plain clothes, I mostly just generally got a certain color and that was that. I do have a general preference for hoodie and clothes with pockets.

My immediate family generally put more stock in that kind of stuff despite the amount of money we had and long lost father when I finally met him decided to buy me a bunch of them after I said I didn’t care (and bought them just based on them being new at that). Anyway end result: I got inconvenienced a lot with no benefit because I didn’t care about something as much as others did.

Not exactly uncommon with me but clothes was one of the more persistent issues.

So in games I tend to pick whatever either raises the stat I want or gives me a color I want, so black first and the any color that isn’t super bright. Kind of ironic given how much I like character creators and dressing them up.

Oh give me a casual dress wedding

Syncing up uniforms is generally a competition thing for me.

I get along with everybody :blush:

Yeah I had to deal with carrying a cumbersome bag back home and then finding space in my closet for everything, though I was also used to family ignoring my opinions. I mean I got a coat that I liked because I didn’t have one at the time, but everything else was really unwanted, given that my mother was insistent on filling up my closet and drawers.

I was one of those people who generally acted like a good kid and acted based on what was expected of me. So I’d accept them even if it annoyed me. Though I would probably avoid wearing them.

When I think of thrifts shops I think of my family scrambling to prepare for my graduation, since my mother bought me a tux shirt but not pants beforehand, and then at grad practice they emphasized bring a tux or dress, which we were supposed to wear our gowns over and then of course it wasn’t enforced anyway.

Black is for everyone and everything.


That’s even worse. :unamused: Geesh at least try to buy someone clothes you at least have good reason to think they might like, if you go down that route.

A good strategy for real life, an utterly boring one in fiction. Plus our mc’s in this game may be young but they are legal adults and don’t live with (one of) their parents full-time anymore, so it’s not like they can be forced into accepting anything they don’t want. Unless “dad” is going to compel us with a judicious application of control magic of his own, but that would really cement for all time that he’s the biggest asshole in the whole game.

Sound really nice of them, actually, scrambling for your special occasion like that.
I mean they probably should have respected your wishes not to wear one. But had I been in their shoes I’d have gotten you one for the occasion anyway, as teens have been known the change their mind at the last second.

WTF!?! :angry: In this country that would actually qualify as legal discrimination and it’s to put it politely not a classy move to deny someone graduation in the event they cannot obtain fancy enough clothes.

Yo “daddy” just got done ripped off! Or whatever the current, appropriate street-slang is. I wouldn’t wear those either.

Yep, which is good because it’s far less dangerous. Also we wouldn’t have quite as much fiction if it weren’t, which in turn would have meant I couldn’t have “lived” so many vicarious lives as a cute tall guy.


They were way more excited about my graduation than I was tbh, the shirt was bought way in advance because of that, like at the start of the year I think. And the scrambling happened because of the practice (which was mandatory) emphasizing and stating that people without it would not graduate, so a pair of formal shoes and pants was needed for me. And again the school didn’t enforce it.

Yeah he only met a few times by that point, and despite my repeated protests of not needing shoes he got me bright gold Jordans. Plus he got them from a guy on the street since he wanted to avoid stores. And got drunk on the way back, while I carried everything. Ok, ok I think I’m done complaining about my more typical daddy issues.

Life is quite boring isn’t it? I do tend to act that way in fiction though because relationship values, I appreciate anyone I can tease because of it. Or I get the relationship really high so I can be mean occasionally.

So you played the beta right? Are we still naturally good at control magic? I need that life hack. Especially given our financial situation. And neutral magic is still gone?

They’re actually talking about the emcee :smile:


Oh no, I have nearly two weeks of posts in this thread to catch up on! :scream: Time to resurrect discussions that happened ages ago!

Or it would make Altair into a no good Kol stealer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know if it’s too late to bring this up, but I’d actually be interested in having something along the “softer” side? Or more in the humanities? Like, I certainly see gearing these more toward magic-related topics because that’s the hook that’ll make these classes interestingly different from our-world subjects, but these are still largely the magic equivalents of the sciences and technology (plus politics)… so something along the lines of history, literature, even the arts, would be really nice for being more well-rounded. Not that you want to bloat the offerings too much; that’d be a lot to write and I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself! But something like magical history could have a lot of setting detail to offer, potential plot hooks, or maybe a literary thing along the lines of legends, which could have some useful knowledge stuck among there as well :thinking:

She is one of my favorites :hugs:

Phantom kittens… oh, that kind of “fluff” :heart_eyes_cat:

I would love something more Kol-focused :hugs:

The MC’s name is literally MC? :heart_eyes:

I bet if we get a “what the other characters think about Katia” it’ll still have a line saying “Katia — 'I’ve never met her, but she sounds nice :slight_smile:

I don’t think tea or coffee are usually considered sodas :sweat_smile:

Ah, but what sorts of pictures does he like on his t-shirts? :blush:

And what happens when it’s cold? :scream:

(Graphic t-shirts are my go to for everyday situations :smile:)

So we can totally put Koltair into a couple outfit :blush:

Do I get credit for having shown you their wedding pictures before? :innocent:

I love each one’s suit matching the other’s tie… is so sweet… :cry:


Sure, that was a surprising break from your normal fashion philistine routine.

It’s really cute and sexy. :yum:

Okay! That does it! Since we can do with Astrid and Leon can the mc also please be mean enough to frustrate this relationship! :rage:

Does your mc really like being dirt-poor that much? :astonished:

I’d never, ever in a billion years have expected that from you or Parrotwatcher. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Iced Tea and Coffee, particular the ones with bubbles are in this country including legally. Has to do with what additives you put in them. Purely cold tea or coffee with just water-ice in them wouldn’t be considered sodas. The more elaborate variants might. Though of course it’s just a tax scam, not done out actual concern for public health. :unamused:

Since Kol seems to be the second poorest, beating only the mc (but probably by a big margin at that) probably lots and lots of layers of long-sleeved graphic t-shirts, plus a jacket.


I always go fashion philistine to taunt you and fashion lover to taunt ParrotWatcher :innocent:

Very :flushed:

I don’t remember there even being any evidence for it in canon :stuck_out_tongue:

I just think it’d be really really cute and shippable :hugs:

Well, given that apparently I do… :sweat_smile:

But it’s good to be well-rounded :confused: classes don’t necessarily correspond one-to-one with major, and careers don’t always either; these could be very useful to journalism, for example, which seems to be relevant to possible MC directions so far.

(My main MC’s actually more into magic theory but I’d still be interested in this :sweat_smile:)

Okay, I guess that’s a language thing, then :confused: I’m, well, I’m in the “pop” zone, but near the “soda” zone, but either way it’s exclusive to sweet carbonated stuff around these parts.

Maybe he just turns into a yeti? :cold_face:


I was so happy when I found out on the blog. I’ve already said it 500 times now but… he is SO adorable holy shi —

I literally have no idea what any those meant so I had to google up every single one of them and let me tell ya that if leon was a villain he’d be manipulative as hell

What?? I expected no less from him. Did you forget about the bumper cars?


Yeah it was annoying. Like I said it wasn’t enforced but they repeatedly emphasized on paper and word that it would. Which we questioned even when buying them because we were wearing gowns anyway.

It does make me appreciate my college more, they’re pretty financially friendly, and offer to lend you fancy clothes for occasions like that and even job interviews.

I wonder if the jobs are similar in pay to their normal counterparts though, I mean with magic and all I imagine normally hazard pay jobs would be less beneficial. Though at this point my MC’s dream at this point is to be a duelist regardless.


Yet another reason to go for the more demanding intellectual and STEM jobs, since the few well-paying unskilled and some of the better paying blue collar jobs only do so because of hazard pay.

Again, “Keeper” seems more of a sinecure title than it is a “job” and in the extent it is a job it probably isn’t even a paying one at that. :unamused:

Anyway with the new opening my mc fully intends to find work outside of the magical world if they even let him graduate with a diploma that is recognized in the normal USA too, that is. Otherwise maybe get one of those hazard pay jobs. I mean for our mc’s they are far less hazardous than being hunted on an almost daily basis, like we have been in the magical world in any case.


“I don’t think this diploma comes from an accredited institution, we’ll have to pass you up.”

“It says on your resume you have experience as a ‘keeper’? Could you explain what that entailed?”

Gotta wonder how different the magi job market is. I mean I could see some hazard pay jobs being better if not only because you could die instantly, of course I might be overestimating the magic world’s healing abilities. Is medical worse? And then, do they appreciate STEM fields as much?


Which is why I said my mc may have to take one of the few relatively well-paying unskilled, but hazardous, jobs while putting himself through trade school (he’d not be keen to do university a second time.) Besides some skilled tradesmen can easily earn comparable sums to master’s degrees or even PhD’s.

Well, unlike say Harry Potter, the magical world here if anything seems to be more, not less technologically advanced and Alty is pursuing magical technology development as a major. So my tentative guess would lean to, yes.

My mc wouldn’t put “Keeper” on his resume anyway. Since it seems to involve getting beat up a lot while not collecting any sort of hazard pay for it and the formal “training” for it, which my mc will refuse seems to turn you into a bum addict, on account of celestial magic and magic overuse syndrome. And since like with most other things my mc cannot afford the swanky rehab facilities he sure isn’t going to go through third world “rehab”. :fearful:

Good luck with that, if there’s one area the mc is sorely lacking in it would be magical training and to earn something as a professional duelist you’ll be routinely facing down people like Cy, who have had the very best magical training. And then there’s the mc’s possible lack of raw magical power too, though I concede that’s more of a feeling my mc has on account of his powers not even manifesting to try and save his life anymore in addition to manifesting (far too) late to seem useful. :unamused:

Well, in the old opening magi university used to be more financially friendly as in that the mc actually got a scholarship. Though clothes-wise they were always rather bad. Even in the old opening my mc would have appreciated a change of clothes, even if they would have been cheap and not all that flattering generics. But at least they’d have been clean and intact.

Neutral magic is still gone, at least in the beta. As for the mc’s innate talents resisting a half-hearted mind-rape attempt isn’t particularly impressive, but control magic or at least some tiny degree of resistance to it is still the first of the mc’s “powers” to manifest, albeit at the worst possible time. As for actually being decent at using it, that requires you to build willpower high at the expense of other things.


What for an MC whose mind doesn’t quite work for STEM jobs? Or as I call it Math, Math, Math, and more Math.


Hmmm…I took law as an escape for that in real-life. Though anything near my real-life path is not something I’d recommend to any of my mc’s.
Given that the mc here is much poorer and much more of a charity case then I used to be and now unwantedly “(in)famous” too, neither lawyer nor politician are careers I’d recommend to the mc after the new opening. In particular I’ve seen many more (b an c list local) “celebs” flame out spectacularly when trying their hands at politics, thinking it was “easy”, than make it. But then our dynamics are different from the USA and fame alone will absolutely not carry your political career around here.
Similarly the “famous” students are also likely to have a much harder time of it at law, both school and practice, though for different reasons than my poor, sickly ass.
Maybe have a good enough imagination and/or artistic talent that they can take history or even some arts degree and sustain themselves as an author or self-employed creative. Much more uncertain in terms of remuneration though. For every GRRM and Rowling, there are dozens of starving authors/artists having to supplement their meager incomes as “gig” workers. Or if you work really hard at it you could perhaps become a middle class self-employed “little creative” like our own Cata. :thinking:

I’ve said it before some of the arts and social science degrees are not valued nearly enough as they should be by our society. History perhaps foremost among them, but until society changes to value them properly and they are I’m not going to recommend it as a field of study to anybody not already wealthy. :unamused:

Or you could try the other universal “escape”/safety valve of the capitalist economy and try your luck as an entrepreneur, though even in those fields the most successful today either know their STEM subjects or know how to exploit those who do. Plus a business, any business needs some startup capital.

Lastly there is always trade school and some of those professions can reasonably expect to earn as much or more than most university graduates, even if they won’t usually get quite the same level of respect for it, strangely enough.

Well, they are often cute and fit young athletes in even cuter outfits, so, yeah, guilty. :sweat_smile:

They are a little too “blingy” for my taste plus they are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to inserting female models into their menswear shows, ugh! That’s a practice that should just die already! I want to see how the outfits look on guys, not girls. :rage:
That said, fashion is probably overdue for a non-binary show too, but please repurpose one of the 100000 female shows for that, don’t insert it into the already much more limited and rare menswear shows! :angry:

Lucky you.