Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Just one thing wrong with that, our mc’s can’t afford it. If you’re on bad terms with Astrid and don’t do Leon’s job twice, which requires sacrificing valuable time you could spend doing other things. The mc could quite easily end the beta version of the game literally broke. Which means they ain’t gonna be able to afford the prime cut either.


dang well i guess its back to the cheap rameon & gallon water jugs for me if i cant get astrid to save me
my only hope


Didn’t it mention that when you pick it?

Good thing my mc had good high stats all round. Though I also wasn’t in the beta so I don’t know if it’s been balanced a lot differently.

Funnily enough charisma skills are usually my dump stat but here I could raise manipulation without cost to my other stats most of the time.

You just find everyone’s internet history. Instant blackmail.

Just make them break out in song and dance.


you fiend!.. I approve.

lieutenant: why is the Chief River dancing?
Everyone: we don’t know but its a great show.


Unfortunately for mine, I used willpower as the dump stat. Most of the others were decent. But then with the old opening I absolutely hated the sort of choices that would cause willpower to rise, and unless it has changed significantly in the copy edit I still do. I mean if you really want to raise it that means getting swept up in the whole psycho hunter thing. Since my mc in that branch just wanted to escape from the magical world, why should he let a bunch of psycho lunatics drag him further into it in order to hunt mostly innocent kids. I mean the hunters are notoriously absent where it concerns the actually dangerous magi, such as Reyna. Especially since my main mc is one of the “things” those hunters want to exterminate.


Yeah right… google search , choiceofgames and youtube won’t be much of a blackmail :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Although Exam result or exam question paper may be dangerous since the exam department is transferring these document for paper printing via their email account …


They call me Cuban Pete

I forget how pure you are, it’s disgusting.

I’ve decided which element is the best! Ice!

I can make handcuffs!


By controlling Ice, you are actually controlling 2 most important element of Life… Oxygen and Hydrogen , Ice evaporate to release air/oxygen (since H2O already consist of atom Oxygen) and by melting it you create water …

So i could say you will control the life and death of planet earth if you are powerful enough to manipulate all the atom Oxygen and Hydrogen :slight_smile:


Why though? Thanks to the powers activating you got to be in a magic school, which for me would be a lot better than to live a boring human life. I can think of a lot worse ways of your powers activating, for example having your fire accidentally burn your house and harms your parents, electrifying yourself etc


Yakov. No embellishments, No hyping. Just straight to the damn point. Good guy.


Well how do you like to be mind-raped against your will, the ultimate invasion of privacy, but had it succeeded we’d at least have been blissfully ignorant again. Now we get our mind invaded multiple times and are forced to remember every detail of it. All because our “powers” wouldn’t even manifest to literally save the mc’s life. My mc doesn’t know when “powers” ordinarily manifest, but from looking at the others he’d guess well before highschool age, which again makes him wonder if his are this feeble and come this late “how worthwhile could they possibly be?”.
With the new prologue being forced into “magical university” is no longer any sort of improvement over the plans my mc used to have for his life. In terms of material circumstances it is in fact a distinct drop in living standards that doesn’t look like it’s going to be improving anytime soon.

Yeah, as a kindergarten level magi at university only there because we’re a pathetic political charity case now.
And it’s less getting to be and more like forced to be or imprisoned with only the torn and bloody rags on our mc’s back. Also we no longer get scholarship money now, only the “advance” from Astrid that she will take back if she doesn’t like the mc. So the mc is much more likely to end the game flat-out broke now with only a few cheap t-shirts and pants from the mega-discount rack to their name. :unamused:

I think at best those would have been equally bad compared to being mind-raped. Besides the mc not knowing how to handle their powers is entirely the fault of their magical parents. Of course potential magical mom did die rather unplanned, but she conveniently “forgot” to include the mc in her will. As for magical “dad” he really has no valid excuses as that deadbeat is still alive and knows about the mc, yet the parasite doesn’t crawl out of the woodwork until the whole reveal at the end. Which is why my mc wants to punch him hard. He also didn’t pay a single penny in child support ever.


Ok, so apparently:



Now I love him even more?? What?? He’s so adorable— my heart — I can’t omgkawaii%20blush

b e s t boy :two_hearts:


Some Sera and Leon angst shorts posted below.


They pose the question innocently: “What was it like living there?”

It had been thought of as the golden city once, the city on a hill. But Seraphina would always think back to the cold marble under her bare feet, the whispers and stares of the servants, the empty hallways of her arrival.

“Did you like it?” MC continues, as if she hadn’t heard them the first time. They seem so earnest, so eager to grasp at any piece of her they could reach.

(They were all eager to take a part of her, tear into her until there was nothing left to give. Had she really fancied MC any different?)

“It was where I resided,” she says coolly. “No more, no less.”

They frown, and she hates the little piece of her that recoils at the expression.


He’s holding the flowers so tightly, you can’t imagine there won’t be rivulets of blood falling from between his fingers. Gently, you rest a hand on his shoulder. Another crumpled rose petal falls to the ground, glinting like gold.

“They were her favorite, you know?” Leon barks a laugh, no humor to it. “The only thing I can remember about her is that she liked them. You’d think I’d remember more about her than flowers.”

You murmur something, a whisper of sympathy, a shadow of comfort. You can’t be what he needs.

His hands are bleeding, you can see that now, little cuts everywhere the thorns had dug into his skin. When you try to take the roses from his grasp, he just holds onto them tighter.

Maybe if he keeps them close enough he thinks he can hold onto some piece of her, but ghosts don’t speak, and if they did it wouldn’t be through dying roses.


Love your work

Iced Tea from Tumblr

Anonymous asked: Asking for a friend, but what are the ROs opinions on iced tea?

Likes it: Astrid, Cressida, Kol

Dislikes it: Altair, Cyrus, Leon

Has never tried it: Katia, Seraphina, Thalia, Yakov

Aww…Do all the Angel and Demon boys like the iced derivative of that vile, evil black-stuff cofee better? Or do they simply like other sodas or do they simply not like any of that chemical high-fructose corn syrup, or sugar overdose stuff?

Passion for Fashion

Altair: henley or sweater, dark wash jeans

Astrid: cute top and skinny jeans, occasionally a cardigan

Cressida: cute top and skinny jeans, occasionally a scarf

Cyrus: has a fondness for leather jackets and dark wash jeans

Katia: cheery sundress (with tights in the winter)

Kol: graphic T-shirt and jeans, sneakers

Leon: henley or polo, pants, Magi Academy pullover

Seraphina: simple blouse with skirts or pants

Thalia: plain black shirt and ripped jeans (unintentionally so)

Yakov: v-neck or sweater in grey or blue, jeans

Hope Cy wears more leather than just the jackets on occasion. :heart_eyes:
Cy in leather pants or full leather. :yum:

As for Leon, I assume that you with Polo pants you mean Leon is fan of the real-world Ralph Lauren/Polo brand? The other option is of course traditional polo pants and Leon is rich and possibly eccentric enough to be a real Polo player, in which case he likely also has the boots. :yum:

Alty seems to go for understated and straddling the line between classy and casual. Though he likely has the body and accessories to successfully make it veer into classy territory most of the time.

And then my poor, (yes, we’re literally quite poor or broke in-game) male mc’s having to make do with literally anything that’s reasonably clean and not torn or bloody. Given how many outfits the game potentially damages and how little money the mc has that little is already a next to impossible task. :frowning:
Which sadly means that in practice male mc will have no style at all since the ultra cheap things are likely to be low quality jeans and shorts, t-shirts and horrible, bland sneakers or even flip-flops, ugh!. :nauseated_face: :disappointed: :cry:
In addition given the lack of warmth provided by many ultra-cheap jackets, it will mean really having to layer up in winter. :unamused:

Ugh! I wish they were releasing this game or gladiator already. :persevere:



Now imagine that they are smeared with blood, sweat, dirt, and also tattered…


The second picture fits my mental image of Leon best.


That’s not a happy picture. :nauseated_face: Really, really hope one of those post-beta changes with the new opening is indeed to allow the male mc to “borrow” from Leon without needing help from Astrid. :persevere: At least for anything other than walking around on campus (While my mc might still not like it enough real-life students, even filthy-rich ones dress atrocious on campus anyway, so that is the one place where it wouldn’t stand out too much, except for the clothes being rather obviously cheap). :disappointed_relieved:

Hmm…I don’t have nearly enough pictures of cutie polo players. :worried:
Too bad I don’t have Sidestep’s telepathy powers, otherwise I could compel a photoshoot with 185 cm tall boys with artfully messy brown hair in polo gear, without needing to pay extortionate fees. :grin:


Oh my God, I wish Nora hadn’t asked that. Leon whY what’s wrong with iced tea?? It’s literally humanity’s best creation.

Couldn’t have put it in better words myself. Coffee is already vile, and what kind of masochist drinks it black?? I don’t think my MC could kiss Leon on the lips if he actually drank that.

Iced tea isn’t that sweet? In fact it isn’t sweet at all? Unless you’re talking about sweet iced tea, which I love. But normal iced tea is just… cold tea with ice. Which I also love :eyes:

My heart is dying he is literally too cute :two_hearts:


Sorry to rain on your parade, but @daydreamsincolor meant a polo shirt and pants, not polo pants. :sweat_smile:

Also, I’m here to rep for my best bud coffee because he did no wrong :sob: