Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)

I love the demo so far! :smile: I can’t wait for more.

Can’t wait for more! :smiley:

When I play a WIP for the first time, I usually name my character Douchey McNitpick. It helps me get in the right frame of mind.


I’m enjoying all these creative names people use for their MCs. A previous playthrough on another WiP I played my fem was named Saggy Tittyknees


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Thank you!

@nathan_faxon @BabbleYaggle
I had no idea that people were so creative with their MC names :joy:

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With all these awesome names I feel like I should use a better surname than Analjizz/Mc’n’jizz. Either way this is a great read as derailed as it is xD

On the topic of the game, will we be capable of necromancy? Necromancy is best magic after all.

I think Heroes Rise has one of the best choice on names ever when it allowed us to choose Black Magic’s lookalike. I had a fem Black Magic and once I got to choose who she looked like…

‘Black Magic smiled, flashing those Bill Murray good looks.’

@daydreamincolor since we’re asking about powers, is there Transmutation? where we can alter reality and such.


MC won’t be altering more complex structures (people, animals, plants) and will start with nonliving things. Transmutation and shifting are more difficult forms of general magic to master due to the dangers associated with each and the magi needing to have very exact knowledge on what they’re casting.

Astrid was cheating when she ‘transformed’ the wall. She was just trying to show off for MC :yum:

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I remember someone saying something about part demons being good with illusions magic, is that what you men by cheating? Good to know, I was starting to feel a bit bad about keeping hostile with her, I just cant forgive that easily that she smoked me away without any sort of explanation or regard for what I wanted. I hope i get the chance to make them regret taking away from me the decisions of what to do with my life.


That’s exactly it, she used her powers on MC, though not maliciously, more in a ‘I’m gonna show off’ way. There’s an opportunity to find about this directly in game pretty soon. You’ll definitely have a chance to make Astrid miserable, regret treating you that way, or forgive her and be BFFs as the story goes on. She can become a bit less controlling depending on how well MC gets along with her, but it is a pretty major characteristic of hers.

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Update: class selection added, preview of next update


Woah! You really up`d the demo, it is way better. I like where you are taking this :smiley: I have a few questions-

Will we be able to graduate throughout the story, cause I saw how you listed Freshman year in stats?

Romances? Astrid? Altair? etc.

How do you plan on picking/getting the MC’s affinity(if I may ask)?

and that is all for now

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I really liked the game so far. I think, however, that the MC is dealing with things a little too well, I mean, the MC doesn’t try to press Nekora or someone else for answer about what happened or to contact his family and if he can’t contact anyone at least find out how his disappearance will be explained. Also how the MC will get money, but I think that will be sorted out in the next uptade in the city…

One question: on your game description you say that we can play as human or magi, but I tried a few different options and the enrollment guy always tell me I am definitely not human so I was wondering if we can actually be human or if I’m missing something. Or maybe there will be some explanation later on the story?


Thank you! :smile:
The grade level is more insurance in case I manage to finish this and decide to do a follow up :joy:
Astrid will definitely be a romance option, as will all of your suitemates and a couple other people (some with more difficulty to romance than others). Altair may or may not be a romance option.
MC’s affinity is going to be selected through a combination of their personality and certain choices that allot ‘points’ to each affinity.

Edit: MC’s affinity is selected based on 5 personality traits. Yes, it is most definitely overcomplicated, with 30+ possibilities to line up with 3 affinities :grin:.


MC will definitely have the chance to be more resistant as the game goes on and to try and speak with their family.
The scholarship program Nekora mentioned allows for some meager pocket money for MC, and when they go to NMC the first time MC is borrowing from Astrid.

It’s definitely possible to play as a human, but only if you’re trying really hard. There are certain choices you have to make and certain ones you can’t make at all to be able to play as a human. It will be a way harder play through as the game continues if MC is a human.

Thank you for the feedback! :smile:

So I’m having a guess that being human is sort of a hardcore mode of the game?

I really like this game so far. My feelings for Astrid is a bit mixed (it’s also a bit weird finally stumbling upon an english game where a main NPC has my name. :stuck_out_tongue:). I like that she’s complex, with flaws like being a bit controlling. I feel like her relationship with my main MC will be interesting since they conflict a lot in personality. My main MC’s main personality traits are being a logical, cynic (with a dash of kindness) and I RP her as being curious and studious. A place that stood out to me where Astrid and my MC’s general contrast in attitude regarding was Mr Pierce (whom I and my MC feel neutral to positive towards). So when Astrid was like “Pierce’s the worst right?” My MC’s reaction was basically “Yeaa…no”.

Btw does the MC always score a high affinity on control magic? It made a lot of sense with my first MC, but then I tried to make a different MC with a different personality and picking other choices and I still got high affinity for control magic. Is that on purpose?

Definitely :smile:

(I tried to give the NPC’s less common names but :stuck_out_tongue:. It comes from having a less common one myself :joy:)
I just added in an option to disagree with Astrid there, it will be there for the next update.

Yes, MC will always be good at control magic for spoilery plot specific reasons. It’s that way for all MCs.

If human MCs are scoring high for affinity or general magic though, please tell me! That is an error!

It took me some time but I finally managed to be human and it said I had high control, so I think it’s ok.

I thought that the options during the simulation determined whether the MC was human or not but then I repeated the same choices (step behind; kick) and I wasn’t human again so there must be something else as well. Choices during sim + stats is my guess but I didn’t try to confirm thath yet.