Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



I think I should try this while I am not on a kindle fire.


Celestial Magic: 105
Cunning: 107
Fighting: 118
Elemental Manipulation: 112
Intelligence: 122
Ritual Magic and Potions: 110
Telekinesis: 107
Willpower: 101

I’m such a cheater :tongue:

Goodbye neutral magic you will be missed :sob:

@daydreamsincolor Does willpower make you more resistant to the magic diseases?


How on earth did you do that?


I thought I stated it clearly.


Hmmm…did you download the entire code? To my knowledge you’d need to modify a local copy to get cheat stats like that



You see everyone knows you need perfect grades for a good college and I just wanted some extra help…

But screw fair math. It always ruins my fun. (In particular this time, it was the relationship stats)


Yeah, I think I may have edited some of my games to rip out fairmath stat in and decreases too.


I noticed another mistake in the code (chapter 8):

*if (class5grade < 88) and (class5grade >= 76)
 *set neutralgrades +1
 *if goodbadneutral = "neutral"
  $!{class5} was fine, 
 *if goodbadneutral = "neutral"
  as was $!{class5},

I think the first one’s supposed to be:

*if goodbadneutral != "neutral"


Has there been a poll for everyone’s favorite RO?


Yes, you can find it by using the search function.


Just love how ROs are the main thing everyone in the community talks about…


Well… not EVERYONE… points to self


Well, that’s just how it is around these places.

For every one person who’s interested in the actual story, there’s another who’ll constantly fawn over their RO or get defensive about certain ships. And it seems like that kind of behaviour isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Trust me, the sooner you learn to get used to it, the better.


Shockingly, some of us are actually interested in both story and romances. :expressionless: They aren’t mutually exclusive interests.


Does anyone know how to get the nymph training subplot? I keep trying but can’t get it.


I’m into both the story and the potential romantic entanglements.


When you’re with Sera, Katia and Gisela you need to stay with them.

You need a relationship of 50 or greater with Sera so she’ll let you hear the convo, and a relationship of 55 or greater with Gisela so she’ll invite you to the training.


Stay with Sera when the nymphs come over, after you get to ask to pet the dragon.

You can then offer to help with the nymph training by programing the simulator.

If you aren’t getting the option, I don’t know, perhaps you have to be nicer to Sera or something.


Just a question, but does anyone know how to romance Yakov? He’s kinda of difficult for me to romance. :frowning:


Get his relationship up to 60, pick the flirting option in chapter 5 (#“But what if my reason’s sitting opposite me?”) and agree to go to NMC with him in chapter 7.