Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Can you fix the saving bug (when you get stuck at stat screen if you save after exiting it)
I lost a lot of saves because of it


I managed to pass a similar (or maybe the same can’t remember) bug after reloading many times would you like to give it a try?


I tried it and it seemed to work once (the save seems broken though as my cunning and elemental stats got reduced to 0, maybe cause it’s from an old time) but after trying to load again it stopped working


There are two dates (one if you pass out during the Monsters and Rouges exam).

It’s not going to work if it’s not from after the latest update because there are always edits to the earlier chapters too.


Ohhh! And how do I get those dates? I get one where a girl tries to ruin the date but nothing else :confused:


That’s one of them. The other one is in chapter 5, unless you pass out during the Monsters and Rouges exam.


Oh I see! I got both of those scenes but I though they weren’t actual dates since there was no 'I like you" or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, a little warning to all the code surfers out there:

If you don’t want the rest of Chapter 9 spoiled, then don’t check the code. It has two comments which majorly spoil the chapter. And one of them is at the very beginning of the page, so you can’t exactly avoid it.

But if you don’t care about getting the chapter spoiled, then go right ahead.


So, I was checking out those spoilers :sweat_smile: and I noticed a mistake in the code:

*if metcyrus
 *if not (metcyrus)
  Altair and Cyrus are already at the table when you arrive, along with a girl with long curly hair that you assume is Cyrus' sister, Cressida.

I’m assuming that’s supposed to be *if not (metcressida).


MC probably won’t get the chance to be a nymph, sorry! Cyrus and Yakov will have more content coming up though, and I’m glad you like the game :grin:

I don’t know exactly where that bug is coming from :sweat_smile: It might be because variables are set in the stat screen? I’d have to get rid of the message system (which I’m considering scrapping anyway) and some other things then.

Oops :sweat_smile: Had to check what those were since it’s been a while.

As a fair warning to code surfers, I do include things that haven’t been written yet in most of the chapters. To be fair though, I think both of those were set up pretty well in the other chapters. Yakov flat out tells MC when the next attack will be in 7 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


New here but I’ve read your wip, actually several times :blush:, and I absolutely love it. There has been something bothering me since my last playthrough. I hope someone can help me out with this… but basically I did a quick playthrough and my main focus was getting all skills up so that I could pass all the classes with 100 score (still haven’t figured it out but I will). Anyway, I was going through very quickly and not reading all the dialogue but my intent was to choose the same options I did in a previous game. When I got to the scene where I’m doing research on Sera’s family, and she catches me, I did not get the same option to say my mother was killed in a rogue attack. I had this option previously playing a nephilim, who only has a father. So does that option not always appear? And how do you get it? Sorry if the answer is obvious, I just haven’t had a chance to playthrough again.

And thank you for your hard work, I have really been enjoying your story. :grin:


That’s the important choice for this option to appear. That’s part of the MC’s background story. And that happens to MC’s mother only if this option is chosen.


Nooooooooooo!!! I loved that stupid gimmick! It’s always funny when a new update comes and I forget to check my messages while speedrunning to the new content!


The mini maxer inside me weeps for the loss of that one Intelligence point you get when you check all your messages.


I see. Thought I chose that same option (father only) but maybe I was going through too quickly. Thanks for the response.


Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! :blush:

For the ability to pick ‘mother killed in rogue attack,’ MC has to have only a father and high intelligence (at least 20).

I might still keep it around. It’s just annoying for it to keep bugging out :thinking:


I don’t even know how to code surf.




I’ve never been able to get that to work.


This is the startup scene:
When you open it, the first thing you see is a scene list. Just type in a scene name (chapter1, chapter2, etc.) instead of startup.