Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)

Yeh but it’s not on the site yet and i prefer playing on pc. thanks though :slight_smile:


I say give it an 1-3 hours. (Basing this on the usual time (for me, where I am, anyways) when they normally have the announcement thread up). Also

I like it how I mentioned it was on the omnibus and no one reacted to my post on that. (Don’t worry, not mad or anything).

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Hmm, Leon sure will be busy for a while considering his harem xD

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Eek! If I saw it I would’ve quoted you, apologies.

@domthestar I know what you mean. Hang tight and avoid any spoilers, it should be up soon! :blush:

Nah, just me being jealous, better for everyone to spread the word, instead of just one person. You did good to remind people :+1:t5:.

Yep, the timing is about right. Again, referring to me, but normally around 10pm my time, that’s when they start putting up the things (though the thread will probably be later I suppose).

Edit: never mind, the announcement thread is up.

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Well it’s now out on the site as well (speak of the devil lol)


oh my god i loved this i am the most powerful drakaina in the universe of this game

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Ahh damn, guess it really isn’t coming out on steam. Apple it is.

I have this downloaded, but I can’t buy until the 1st. So frustrating. What race was gysela before she became a nymph?

This… such a mood…

Leon is best boy, it’s written in the stars

Leon asked the MC out after they had like 3 conversations but ok

who would ever reject him though?? Not me

Seems like my MC has to fight her way to become the main girl :eyes:


Well Mara has giving Leo kitty signals like I WANT BANG YOU… Shepard style . In fact sadly the game doesn’t have a choice LAUNCH YOURSELF OVER LEO KITTY . Iam the type 'f person whom directly ask for the coffee . Thankfully each one have their little universe reality and there is a leo for each one. If not well Mara would killing anyone’s else lol

The Leon fangirls hosts a hunger games and the winner gets to be with Leon


It is easy poison everything. Also control magic and a gun… Also I can’t help hate Monster class I am terribly at that lol

And all my MC needs is some popcorn and she is ready to enjoy the show. Then she goes on romancing Thalia while everyone else fights over Leon xD

I like thalia she is my favourite girl. I HATE KOL and Astrid.


Same. Best male RO is definitely Leon and best female RO is Thalia 100%

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i am the only one that prefer yakov and seraphina


No since Seraphina was just behind Astrid in the poll. Also they’re less vocal about it.

Sera was actually behind Leon if I recall, she scored 3rd place, Leon 2nd, Astrid 1st

:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_man: :no_good_woman::no_good_man::ok_woman::ok_man:

Nah, I like them both too. Just like Astrid and Kol a bit more (though I like Astrid only by a tiny bit over Seraphina).

But I can’t play the full game since it isn’t available on Steam, so I’ll just watch what happens with everyone :sweat_smile: