Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)

Tbh i just think that they sit by the window so that the animators wont have to draw the entire classroom which saves some budget money.

Honestly i came here to have a good time and now i feel so attacked right now

A p i n k one

And how will I die? Is it the classic “my mother was murdered and now im scrounging this land for revenge” or is it “she died from a sickness, aka the most convenient and lazy way to kill off a character”?


Depends on the genre. Though I’d guess horrible death by monster.

And all their friends will be in the back row with them. And they’ll be weird and call each other by their first name to be easily westernized.

“Control magic.”
Control magic.”
“Ah yes, you are hired :dizzy_face:

This is where I’d feel like the journalism field is one that’s already involved in the story, and one for which some more historical or literary classes would be really applicable.

Journalism was the one that you get with Leon’s help, right? Will there be any path going forward for getting into that without a good Leon relationship (albeit harder)? :thinking:

You know, I have known at least one person whose initials were “MC.” I wonder what became of him… :thinking:

Would your MC be okay with Koltair since Leon would still be free? :smile:


Wrong, “journalism” as in the sense that you get to fetch the real journalists their coffee and lunch is done through interning at the NMC media network. Leon’s job offer is to be an intern/political aide to Cy’s dad.

In any case after the unwanted fame and attention the mc receives at the end of the story, real hard-hitting, quality journalism is likely not going to be an option for the mc as too many people know who you are now. :unamused: I suppose you could go for inane media personality, but my mc would rather do almost anything else.


Anonymous asked: What are MC and ROs age in the first and second game? And do you plan a third one?

In the first game they’re:

Altair 19-20 (February birthday)
Astrid 18-19 (December birthday)
Cressida 19-20 (January birthday)
Cyrus 19-20 (January birthday)
Katia 19-20 (May birthday)
Kol 17-18 (October birthday)
Leon 18
Seraphina 18
Thalia 18-19 (February birthday)
Yakov 19

MC’s age is never mentioned, but they’re implied to be around 18-19. The second game takes place in the following year.

Aww…we missed Cy and Alty’s birthdays in the first game. :disappointed: Did they even celebrate? Cause those are parties my mc would have loved to attend (and they’re no longer teens anymore), rags or no.


But it did provide opportunities for some snooping :innocent: maybe it could lead to more of a path coming up.

So I share Astrid’s month… do we have the days for any of them?

And huh, I didn’t realize Kol was the baby of the group :hugs:

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Yeah, but that was before the mc unwillingly got outed and became (in)famous. No way we’re going to be able to snoop virtually anywhere in NMC now. Back then the mc was a nobody, now they’re a broke “celebrity”. :unamused:
And, unlike Kol the mc cannot be a shifter. So no virtually undetectable magical disguises for us.

If that path is vapid and inane “media personality” my mc ain’t interested. :unamused:

Not that I know. Wait, maybe Alty’s is 29 Februari. :thinking: That would make him the real baby of the group at 5 and my mc a kiddy diddler, oh no! :anguished:

I envision my Nephilim mc to be a boy of Summer possibly with a 4th of July birthday.

Nope, his dad is a member of the legislature, a magical congressman or something.

Need I remind you that good wigs and makeup cost money and quite a bit of it at that and so would disguise outfits. The cheap wigs and mustaches from the party shop would fool only the most dimwitted.
Given the fact that the mc has no money to speak of and cannot even afford a daily wardrobe for their own use, no way are they going to be able to put down possibly thousands for a very good wig.

Isn’t Leon a bit too old and quite literally too big to play with stuffed animals anymore?

I know @ParrotWatcher likes them. Well, I do too, I just went angel/nephilim :angel: mc because it’s cuter with that little incubus Alty. :smiling_imp: At the moment however Kitsune would remind me too much of Misao from the new WIP Roots, who my mc there is convinced is a bad and naughty foxboi up to no good. His human form is super hot though, but then it is probably at least in part because Misao’s human form is super hot that my mc there is convinced that boy is up to no good. :thinking:

But Koltair makes my mc want to a mean bastard and sabotage that relationship! :angry: :imp:

On the other hand little kitty cat and Astrid deserve each other and, assuming my mc can learn to tolerate Astrid with the new opening he doesn’t mind that particular relationship.


Koltair is basically just Kol x Altair and she has no romantic interest in them so go ahead lol

He is possibly saving the world from generic villains and tending to his harem

I thought he helped us get a spot as a political intern? I think his dad was a journalist but I don’t remember.

That’s when wigs and make-up comes in!

Ok, so apparently people have submitted fanart @ the blog and I’m like, yes thank you wondeful talented beings for blessing us.



Leon is so :sparkles: ~adorable~ :sparkles:

oh look i said it again!

But seriously, he looks so precious in this drawing and I’m loving it <3

Give this boi his manatee please, he deserves it, let him be happy. He deserves all the happiness in the world. I love him so much!!kawaii%20blush

Aw yeah, hello fellow kitsune mc!!

I’m so glad that kitsune MCs are so popular. When I first discovered this game I chose kitsune because I love them. Team Kitsune unite! :fox_face:


I never knew Briseis was so big :sparkling_heart:

Has her size ever been mentioned in the game?

My heaaaart :sob: She’s so precious, yet so dangerous??

@the anons, you’re so talented and i love your art :two_hearts:


I always picture her as being relatively short and chubby, kind of like the baby dragon from clash royale. A cute dragon instead of a majestic one :slightly_smiling_face:


What happened to Leon, Seraphina and Yakov…???:rofl: don’t they deserve a month for their birthday??

Me too…:no_mouth:

Hey! Take it up with @daydreamsincolor I didn’t make this stuff up, I just stole it from Tumblr. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yakov is a wraith thingy isn’t he? Maybe they’re just immortal and ageless or something and that “19” is only the age we see. That boy sure is extremely closed off and secretive.

Leon, Sera and Yalov probably all have summer birthdays too, like my main mc. So we don’t see them in-game.

Leon is just a super young little kitty cat. :cat:


I asked for their birthdays and the author answered it on the blog. I can find the post for you guys if ya want??



Yep, so the unlisted ones have summer birthdays, much like my mc. Hmm…seems he actually shares a month with little kitty-cat. Fortunately I said the 4th for my mc. So he can still call Leon little kitty cat, as Leon is still younger than him (by all of a couple of weeks, but still…) :sweat_smile:


Anonymous asked: How popular is each RO in terms of admirers and crushes?

Pretty normal: Astrid, Kol, Yakov

Inspires both admiration and fear quite often: Cressida, Seraphina

Has many admirers, is totally oblivious: Altair, Cyrus

Has many admirers, is decidedly not oblivious: Leon

Would crush anybody with a crush on her: Thalia

Only knows like five people: Katia

Huh?!? I get this for Alty, but Cyrus tends to be one of the most perceptive people around. Can’t believe Cy is totally oblivious to how incredibly hot he is.

So, @Fay how good is your mc at beating Leon’s other fangirls?

I guess we could also add: Is a magnet for trouble and creeps, particularly after the big reveal: MC. :unamused: And before the reveal it’s a combination of Katia’s “knows only a handful of people” and perhaps inspires pity on account of how much of a charity case they are. :unamused:

@daydreamsincolor can you repeat this ask for Cy and Alty too?


There’s no such thing as too old to play with stuffed animals :hugs:

(And in my experience, college is when people start admitting again to liking stuffed animals :relaxed:)

Ah, so Astrid’s birthday’s only three days away from mine :open_mouth:


What a coincidence, that was exactly what I discussed with my friends in PM. She’s ready to defend her man from thots.


I mean, she already defeated a demon that tried to take control over the city, a few college girls shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Honestly I came here for a good time and now I feel so attacked

And let me quote this tweet:



Asdfghjkl meanwhile my mc is on her way to sabotage their relationship. She loathes abandonment and Leon is the first person outside her family that she’s let into her personal space and she wants to keep him there.

See!! This guy gets it! Imo it’s adorable when guys keep plushies. It’s just proof that they’re soft on the inside!!

I’ve always kept my childhood plushie. I even bought another wolf plushie 2 years ago. When I was a child I used to collect stuffed animals but I’ve kind of grown out of it. I don’t know, I just like to keep a piece of my childhood with me. It makes me nostalgic.


Weird that both of my favorite girls have birthdays within a month of mine.

Astrid shares the same birth month as my youngest, most annoying brother, which makes so much sense. She really is the adorable sybling I just want to Pat on the head/wring the life out of.

Sorry, seems my cold, black and evil heart cannot comprehend this whole “plushie” phenomenon anymore. :black_heart: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you sure? I mean TSSL can seem all light and sweet an airy at first glance, but trust me, he can be plenty evil inside. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mean he has our poor mc’s wearing second-hand rags and no shoes in his own wip. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cold_face::cold_sweat: That’s plenty, evil, right? :smiling_imp:


Anonymous asked: Would Leon be fine with MC calling him Leo?

Leon shrugs. “They can. I wouldn’t respond though.”

This boy is really hard to nickname. Ugh! He doesn’t like little kitty-cat and he doesn’t like Leo? :persevere:
What does he like? :thinking: Calling cute fictional people by their actual name is just so boring. :unamused:


Anonymous asked: I’m only surprised Cressida and Seraphina are pretty high on the jealousy scale. They never seemed the type.

Cyrus sighs. “Cressy doesn’t like it when other people play with her toys…I can’t speak to the asteria girl’s motives.”

So that’s why Cressida doesn’t like my main mc? :astonished: Because he “steals” her demon boy-toy? :smiling_imp:
Although she doesn’t like my other mc either? So she probably considers her cute brother one of her toys too? :angel: :

The initial arrogance is a bit off-putting though, more so, I imagine with the new opening.
Generally as long as Leon isn’t going to make the mistake of poking his nose in my mc’s daddy issues, no matter how “well intentioned” he may be (according to Sera) they’re cool. Otherwise there’s gonna be proportional retaliation.

The manatee plushie on the other hand would present too good of an opportunity to have some fun with Leon as my main mc can throw his voice, aka, ventriloquism to make the manatee “speak up”. :grin: :smiling_imp:


I know EXACTLY who sent that anon ask @Okami-Nora his name is Leon with a N stop trying to make Leo happen

This is something I can agree with. Leon is cute and that is a fact don’t come for me.

Cressy is quite manipulative so who knows?

Leon is a soft boi be kind to him please

Speaking of Seraphina…

Sera’s last name is Delacroix if I recall, and I know it’s kind of late but does her surname remind anyone else of La Croix??


Who? Me? Naaaaahh. :grinning:

But he did give indirect permission to call him Leo anyway sooooooo…


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You’re such a liar :pouting_cat:

You can clearly see that he’s annoyed at it. Even Darcy knows that and she’s almost oblivious to everything.

It’s you, Nim and Damon against the world.

nyx would call him that for the sake of agitating him because of the tea fiasco which you’re responsible for too, arent you?



It’s either Leo or Lemon; his choice.

His responses to things is making ‘Lemon’ the most tempting nickname right now. :joy: