Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)


But this game has so many likeable ROs how can you not want to see all of their romance routes? Also if you get too attached to an RO wouldn’t it help to create a different MC for the playthroughs where you just experiment with other things? That normally works for me.

Anyway I guess for me when I really get attached to a RO shows when I change my main MC from the way I originally wanted to create her. I like the scene where the human magician MC argues with Sera about how they aren’t so useless as everyone thinks so much that I gave up on my original idea of having an ice elemental as my main MC for this game.

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Leon is all I need :two_hearts:

and celery wouldnt have been created if he hadn’t been darcy’s ro

The game doesn’t have a save option. And everytime I replay, my previous replay is deleted and (in my opinion) it means that version of my MC and her story has been deleted as well. So what I do is that when I find all the achievements (still keep the same RO) I can find, I’ll re-start and play the game and get the ending I liked the most.

I already established my MC’s core personality in 3 different PM threads so it feels unnatural for me to change something about her. Which means I’ll have to choose options that resembles her personality the most. Sometimes I go out of character for the sake of finding hidden achievements.

I still have my snarky kitsune MC and guess who her RO is? :upside_down_face:


Uh… Yakov? Jkjk

I get this. Tho there was many times already that I envisioned an MC just based on a game description of the demo and when I started to actually play the game I found out that I couldn’t play the MC I originally wanted to and it made me really disappointed, so I’m also trying to be more or less flexible I guess. Tho there are still things I wouldn’t change about my MC I would sooner quit the game.

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Actually, yes but he’s tan, blonde, blue-eyed and he changed his name to Leon.

Sounds familiar?

I’d always play the game with a self-insert before actually establishing a solid MC. When I’ve seen what the personality options there are for the MC I’ll play the game again and establish a real MC. I really love games that allow detailed customization :sparkling_heart:


I share this love <3

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This is a neat game. I loved playing it, but I’m unsure what stats to prioritize. I ended up maxing elemental manipulation, willpower, and intelligence for my nephilim, but I still could only find Astrid’s secret because I romanced her and didn’t get any details. I also couldn’t save Kol.

What am I doing wrong?

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To find out more secrets you’ll need high cunning stats and good relationships with the character(s) that you want to know more about. And about the Kol thing… You need to choose a specific choice based on your stats. I raised my intelligence stats really high and chose the “Keep her talking”-option, and that’s how I saved Kol.


Okay, so how so we go about maxing stats? Cunning plus two others?


The blog has a lot of helpful advice, take a look:


Hmmm…if your cunning is low, you will get caught by your teacher using compulsion. And you will loss marks on the subject.


I’m very sorry, I don’t think there’s anything I can do about this. Would you be able to send the data to support? I’m unable to replicate the error on my own devices.

Apologies again for the inconvenience!

Thanks for the catch!

Thank you very much!!

For secrets, cunning and high relationships with characters are useful.

MC can save Kol if they choose to: keep Reyna talking with cunning or intelligence >= 25; tell her to stop with willpower >=25; fight her with fighting >=25; or break the runes on the cuffs with ritual magic >=15 and elemental >=15.


blognumberonecollectionmoon asked: Since Jarrod is a Human Magician, what’s the requirement for a non-Magi to be introduced into the Magi world as well as accepted into any one of their universities/education systems? Can normal people for example be informed of the Magi world and go on Holiday in Magi cities/settlements or learn in magi schools? Unrelated question but do we just call all sapient supernaturals Magi? It’s kind of confusing when Magi are magical being but Magicians seem to be non-magical beings that study magic.

Magicians are a complicated issue. Some magicians come from families that have used ritual magic for generations, while others were (illegally) “let in” on the secret and chose to become magicians. Some are perfectly integrated with the rest of the supernatural world, while others live among humans, and anywhere in between.

Humans generally do not suddenly find out about the supernatural and have the chance to become magicians. Although it depends on the governing body, at least in America, the supernatural is only legally revealed to humans in very high-level government offices or those with very high-level security clearance. That being said, there are still some magicians that live among normal humans who will train other humans to become magicians (illegally). In general, though, most magicians are born into families of magicians.

Magicians can be seen as respected members of supernatural society, although there is still some stigma against them by virtue of being human. Magicians can be accepted to some supernatural universities but not all; Solanaceae and Magi both accept magician students and have professors that are magicians.

High-level government officials in the current US, eh? :thinking: No wonder Secretary Monroe always seems to be in a bad mood the entire game, “liaising” with mr. Trump is likely to be very tiring and the magical world’s saving grace seems to be that in spite of how much of a great deal-maker and negotiator Trump makes himself out to be, when confronted with superior bullies, like China’s Xi or for our purposes Secretary Monroe he tends to fold and back down.


Thank you! It’s not actually possible to win the tournament.

While it was never possible for the mc to win I was always kinda hoping that it would be Alty or Cy who’d end up having the honour of wiping the floor with our poor mc’s in the tournament.
By the way, since he does compete how strong of a tournament duelist is Alty, generally speaking?

By the way has CoG already pushed the patch out? Kind of waiting on that one to play my second character (and then a long wait till the save feature for any replays), since due to the website version I have to binge it and I’m not comfortable trying to make time for that before the patch with the changes and bug-fixes is out.

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I have a really weird question what exactly is ritual magic and what does it do? I’ve been so confused about that


Somehow I’ve managed this:

Just feelt the need to share my success I guess.


Summons Satan.

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you are god?


It lets an otherwise Human MC use magic without really using magic…if that makes any sense…

Basicalltly the source of the magic is runes, potions, herbs, etc, instead of the MC themseleves

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How did you achieve this feat?


That Monsters and Rogues score! How???