Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

I honestly just forgot and didn’t check the conversation, since I was replying to you, I assumed it had to do with him.

Altair doesn’t seem to be the type to kick anything. He’s too sweet for that. But what do I know? Maybe he really is secretly a villain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You know now if he does kick anything at any time I have to call you out.

Oh, just curious does what species you are affect your relationships with people? Might be interesting being a Nephlim and trying to romance Astrid.

I read somewhere on the old demo thread that being a nephilim boosted Leon’s relationship stat (dont know if it applies to cressy and cy too) and cambion boosted Astrid’s.

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Thank you so much!!! The sequel demo is posted here if you’re interested.

(Adds soccer scene to Chapter 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

It doesn’t majorly affect relationship stats, although some species allow for more time together with certain ROs, and MC’s species is addressed with some of the ROs.


Unsure if it’s been noted already (but i couldn’t find it with the search box, so) when setting stats directly the kindness/cruelness options seem to be reversed (giving people cavities from sweetness option sets you 70% cruel and vice versa). Also you appear to be able to set elemental affinity irregardless of race (kistune can choose ice/lightning).

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(Just a quick question, I’m doing a hunter readthrough and would like to know if you need to refuse everything magical, since I would like to participate to the duel thing as well)

Thanks for the catches, they’ll be fixed shortly in the bug fix update!

To become a hunter:

  • Don’t choose “Try to use magic too.” while in the simulation in Chapter 1, choose human in Chapter 2, don’t choose to learn magic in Chapter 4. In Chapter 5, choose either “He’s wrong. I can do this, and I will get those flowers. I know I saw them.” or “I’m ditching them. I’m so done with all of this supernatural crap” when deciding where to go in the forest.

It’s not possible to fight in the duelist tournaments as a human/hunter/magician. Thanks for asking!


also, I’d just like to say the fourth wall “stat” broke me.

I can’t believe this and the following scene exists.


Now you’ve piqued my interest. screenshot, pretty please?

Do your grades affect how you do in the tournament or is it just stat based?

I think stat based. The grades are stat-based too, so…

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I didn’t find the variable in kotsam, but I did in the new demo

You get it if you choose “Obviously, it’s because someone cares about my romantic life.”




Ok, just wondering. I messed up a test (hit the wrong choice while duelling) so i got a bad grade in the class.

worth nothing that the fourthwall stat isn’t actually in the stat page, so im pretty sure that was just a joke for anyone who peeked at the code.
(so no need to worry about that if anyone didn’t like the idea of mc constantly breaking the 4th wall)


I didn’t get that option. What did you do to get it and in which scene? But thanks for the screenshot!

you need to be dating astrid, leon, sera, thalia or yakov, so that may be why

I’m dating Leon and never got that option. And it was actually the scene I was most looking forward to ever since the author posted a snippet of it. It’s a shame that I can’t find it, but I’m replaying the demo like a madwoman so I might have a chance lol.

It should show up when MC and Sera talk about suitemates

Also, we should probably move this discussion to the new thread.