Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

Yea I’m wondering if the upcoming hosted games thread will update anytime soon, because I think this would be on it


It’s December so there’ll probably be a new thread in the coming weeks about 2021 releases.


Some recent shorts from the Keeper Tumblr! :blush:


Every time I open tumble and see that you’ve written another oneshot I get so excited! It’s honestly so incredible how much content we’re getting. Your creativity is really inspiring. I know book two is still under review, but I’m really looking forward to book three. Kind of feels weird to say that, because I’m now realizing how close the KotSaM universe is reaching its end.


I want to repeat what the poster above me has said and say I love your one-shots as well.

And now I can’t help but imagine how an MC would explain Groundhog Day to a romance option like Sera.

I smile at the thought of Leon wanting a groundhog since his manatee plan was shot down…of course, whether he would be into the animal or not.


More updates from the Keeper Tumblr! :blush:


Was curious has book 2 already been finished and is pending. Or are just parts finished and pending? I really loved the original book and am excited for 2.

It’s been finished and submitted for publication for some time now. We’re all eagerly waiting! :blush:


Noice. Seriously though thanks. That seemed to be the case but I couldn’t tell.

I thought I’d re-read the first book now that there’s a save function and I think a couple of my stats are a little higher than the demo for day and night allows lol

Yes it is possible to reach more stat at the end of book 1 than the max allocated predetermined stat that you can manually set at the start of book 2.
Also, hello fellow human comrade.

So I got a question. After reading the oneshots I want to know if there will be any exposition after the MC’s death or any ending in the third book? I just liked how you showed how scared people were of death and had to know.