Just In Time (WIP 10/13/2022)

I’ve begun work on my new game Just In Time. In it, you travel to Europe for one of four reasons. Once there, you start to process past and present traumas and the healing process begins.

This is the prologue chapter. I am working on Chapter 1 next and have the next few chapters outlined.

I’d love feedback on grammar, punctuation, and the flow of the story line.

The demo link is https://dashingdon.com/play/everalonestories/just-in-time/mygame/


Far too short to judge anything. But keep at it!

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The discription and demo are a little short and I’m not sure which type of assault it is but there should probably be a small warning for that in the future. Good luck with everything


Interesting premise here, sensing a travel-self-discovery kind of atmosphere.

May I ask if the countries included would change the direction of the plot, or just offer general flavor and ambiance?

:muscle: Keep it up!

Really looking forward to it. I always wanted to travel in a van.

I would love to use the countries to move the direction of the story. At this point, I’m still learning how to use the coding language. But this is only a first draft.


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