July 2024's Writer Support Thread

Can’t comment, never met one!

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Feels like if you’re going that far north, what you should start looking out for are musk oxen.


Nordic countries certainly have more reindeer than musk oxen though, so it’d be pretty hard to look for the latter.

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The time has come…to instill in everyone the desire to pet a hairy coo


So cute. :pleading_face:


Actually, it’s pretty amazing to have book size Chapters and all hats off to all doing this huge, fantastic work.

Maybe coding training and the mentality made me amazed, in development they want the files short as possible - making it easier in JS or other languages to fix something you break during development. Which happens a lot :slight_smile:

Also in my case I need Global Variables and a small group of temps. Since I have 12 instances of actions in each match + aksı pre game instances for some decisions & their outcomes; I separated them in related sub fies.

Have few main gosubs. Also there will be small stat files for the encounters - again for easier to check and adjust

And I like giving soul to the pieces I am writing so I like having names on the txt files representing the flow.

Guess we all have our styles and since I am still new on developing my game and my game development style so most likely I will play with the idea of longer chapters in a handfull of files.

Interesting to read feedbacks of seasoned writers insights though. Thanks all for the great share ^^


I think quicktest might have spoiled us a bit there. Knowing exactly what like you fucked up on probably helps make it easier to build gigantic chapters without running head-first into the brick wall of “it will take 5 years to make sure this runs properly.”


My startup has some variables & booleans that only after line 1155 we start the scene :see_no_evil:
And global booleans (adding more because pathmaking requires them for my base in this game) Variables file 550 lines

edit: finally opening the month


I think my absolute limit for scene size would be “makes text editor freeze when opened” :sweat_smile:

(I don’t like scrolling too long files though, so the practical limit would be lower.)


Oh spicy. That’s a lot of globals.


I love QT and RT so much. When I was faffing around with the stuff that was making me make bison-faces earlier, I would not have been able to deal with the complexity (or the fact that I didn’t remember all the possible permutations) at all without RT.


Working on Burden of Command (and its bespoke engine with WIP devtools) really hammered home just how spoiled we are in having a utility which can just run through the code and tell us what’s gone wrong, down to the exact line and function.


Happy 10th forum anniversary to me :confetti_ball:


I ended up splitting the second chapter into two, so now I’m basically done with my goal, and it’s only the eleventh…

Here comes the editing. I guess with 10K-word chapters, the updates won’t take long after all.

Still, I’ve only just began, but I’m already scared of disappointing people. I keep telling myself that it’s fine, this is my first work and all, but it’s still painful to think about :smiling_face_with_tear: Makes me want to hurry and finish it quickly, which is unfortunate because I think I used to enjoy thinking about the story more than actually writing it.

My commitments here to stay positive really help :muscle: I definitely wouldn’t be so dedicated if it wasn’t for this thread, which is honestly surprising considering I’m very new here. I need to be less asocial, I guess :laughing:


When starting the project; I thought having some skills for each player with given position will provide me chances with unique encounters, while it is true, it’s also the reason why I have open notepads for them on my desk next to keyboard ^^

For my Space themed game I am taking notes, I will try to have less :see_no_evil:

edit: also probably draw some stuff, so I can silence the itch. It’s sort of a huge soap opera that have pieces already ready to write - thanks to years of gaming, watching stuff and thinking some -what if it happened like these- alternative scenes. I will keep taking notes on paper so we will see ^^

Station design and colony ships are sort of cool in my mind; maybe I will add years old space ship drawings with some refurbishment as well…

Probably slowly add as a concept to Interest Check post of mine to put ideas there and ease my mind. It’s greedy nowadays :nerd_face:


I don’t think my space opera has any kind of plan for stats currently. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the interest of keeping myself accountable, I’ve done this and can now make a clearer goal. Which is to get my game’s chapter 11 alpha release-ready and posted by EOD tomorrow, then go back to working on getting the game beta ready. I want to have it 70% of the way there by month’s end.

Continuing to wish everyone luck as we approach mid-month :four_leaf_clover: :revolving_hearts:


Thank’e! I for one shall need it, me thinks.

Progress continues, but it is always near mathematical proof of Xenos Paradox. Maybe . . . just a little . . . teeny . . . bit too much game bloat with Dice & Dungeon Masters variable wise . … though I am still fully and foolishly committed to getting this update done. Still aiming to get that update and at least one of the linear storys for Sense & Sorcery done this month, though I think I’ll probably just squeak by at the end of the month. Epic levels of pollen and allergy flair ups are my current enemies of productivity as well.

Also, I would like to add my two cents, that Arcanum is an amazing game - never finished it, though it’s rare that I actually finish a game, but the level of world building, depth of choice, and rpg awesomeness made for one worthy game. And IDK, but maybe because I grew up in an era of much more simple video games, the interface didn’t seem that bad to me.

Anywho, luck all around to everyone working on their games.


I’ve had the week to focus on writing and have gotten a ton of work done!

Received notes for chapters 7 and 8 and flew through revisions. I’m nearly 12000 words into the last chapter of Ink and Intrigue, and enjoying the fact that writing the last chapter of this game is so much easier than writing the climax. :rofl:

I keep telling myself I’m going to take more time writing the next game, but I really wanted to finish this project quickly. Other than chapter 7, which felt like it took ages to write, I’m quite pleased with the progress I’ve made.

So many characters. OMFG. If I don’t keep a character list I’m in so much trouble.

So much this. The more you write, the better you get, and it takes time to get good. And revisions. Lots and lots of revisions.

To put things in perspective, Ink and Intrigue is my second HC game and I started writing IF after having written ten novels and a couple of screenplays. I can’t claim that the screenplays were any good, and all of the novels started out quite bad, but with a lot of work I whipped most of them into decent shape and polished a few of them up enough to publish.

Sometimes I think of the manuscripts I’ve written which will probably never get published, and while that used to frustrate me and maybe I’ll do something with them in the future, I’ve come to realize every word written and edited adds up. Every year I’ve continued to work at this craft has made me the writer I am today.

So, at the risk of sounding old (I am), my advice to anyone relatively new to writing (and pretty much all writers in general) is simply to keep going. Perseverance and practice pay off.

I didn’t mean for that to turn into a TED talk but here we are. :woman_shrugging:
May the words be with you. :herb:


Pats you on shoulder with sympathy.

Honestly, same.

May I please request, on behalf of the rest of us who are all dumb and/or ignorant, that the two of you maybe posts videos of yourselves random testing and explaining how to read the read-outs and such?