Journey of One

Decided to take a shot at making a game. Instead of doing a few small games first, I decided to jump right into an idea I’ve had for a while. You take the place of “The Hero” on your journey to fight the evil plaguing the once peaceful country (one of the most cliche games, I know). Have a kind of back story already, and are working on the intro/first chapter. Now get too excited, it may be a while before I have a demo available, but hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

50 years before the story of our hero, a great king took land from 6 neighboring countries, creating a new country, Toryg’Val. The other kings, cautious as they were, decided to contact the great king. However, once the country was officially formed, he closed off all borders, stopping the kings from messaging him. Instead of attacking while he was weak, they simply waited, not wanting to kill the people that were once their own. Over the next 40 years, Toryg’Val flourished, producing rich crops, fat livestock, and healthy children. No one was sure how, but no one was questioning it either. Then, strange beings started coming to the country. Feline-like humans, huge, hulking men, and, the most surprising, dragons and their Drake-kin, who haven’t been seen in close to 1000 years started becoming a normal occurrence. The strange thing was, they only settled in Toryg’Val. Some say it was because it held a piece of every country inside it. Other’s say it’s because the other countries were constantly at war. And there are those who say it’s because of the weather. When the borders were finally opened, the other kings sent their fastest messenger on their best horse to the great king, hoping for his assistance in one of the bloodiest wars yet. Instead of helping a single country, he went to each king, speaking in a voice that seemed to resonate from everywhere. He told, not asked, the kings to stop their mindless quarreling and focus on their own countries. The war stopped instantly, and everyone came home to mourn the dead and get back to normal lives. Toryg’Val became the largest hub for all activities, from fishing and farming, to hunting and drinking, as well as jousting and duels. Specifically, the capital city of Tarnon thrived, where guilds both good, and not so good, made their base. The Imperial Palace, home of the king, was the most magnificent building in history. From it’s flowing golden spires, to its white, stone walls, everyone stopped to marvel at it at one point or another.

The next 10 years, civilization rapidly advanced. With the invention of gunpowder, wonderful items called “fireworks” came to existence, turning the nights into colorful paintings. Crossbows also appeared, although, only as part of acts involving an apple and a scared volunteer. But by far the most startling thing, never heard of but in legends, is the return of “The Chosen”, a group of blessed beings who have to ability to communicate with the dragons. Some have even formed such strong bonds with dragons, that they ride them, a feat that if a normal person were to try, they’d end up a bite-sized morsel for said dragon. While this seems strange to most people, the ones who know their true purpose find them much more necessary. At the end of this 10 year expansion, a cry erupts from a small hovel in the quiet countryside.

This… is you.

I’ll GLADLY take any advice or ideas, since I’m hoping this to be a medium-long length game.

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sounds awesome

You sound like you’ve given some thought to this idea. That grants the game some potential.

Sounds like a solid storyline. Can’t wait for the demo :slight_smile:


One of the most exciting intros I’ve heard in awhile can’t wait for the demo.

Awesome intro, looking forward to the demo.


Good intro almost looks like reading the back of a book ! Can’t wait for demo

epic intro

*Little update* I’ve decided to write out all of the scenes before actually putting it together, partly due to the fact that there will be some long text sections and partly due to being a complete noob with choicescript :expressionless:
All this means is that the demo will be delayed a little longer, so…commence waiting :-W

If you’re having trouble with choicescript and can’t find a solution either in COG’s tutorial, the forum help section or the dev wiki - don’t hesitate to ask, we’re all happy to help :slight_smile:

Still, saying that, it’s not a bad to write out your story first. It’s certainly easier to follow , without code strangling your text.

EPIC SUMMERY, it’d be awesome if The Hero can have the choice to join a guild/fraction and even more awesome if its possible to join the ranks of the Chosen. You might want to make race/background/gender/appearance/personality/skills/affiliation all choices in your game.

I plan on making the first chapter/intro to be the character creation (skills, name, etc.). Not sure of just how much customization, but I know I will end up making it gender-locked ( :frowning: )

Sounds very promising, I’m curious what the “evil” exactly is in the world you described.

Can"t wait for the update

The “Evil” wont be revealed until later into the game. So unfortunately for most people, they will have to guess and wait until then. Fortunately for me, this will allow for some suspense up until the great reveal.

As far as progress on the game is going…yeah…when I said I was a complete noob with choicescript, I MEANT it. Have just about all the scenes for the first part, now I have to put it together. Trying to learn with tutorials, but it just isn’t snapping for me. NEVER FEAR! I am dedicated to this and will try my best to get it done as fast as I can…although right now fast is really slow


@Cloudian it means you can’t pick your gender :frowning:

that sucks