Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale Free-for-All Discussion Thread Where Spoilers May Appear

Alas, mystery character is still a mystery for now. I love your write-ups and love learning about the details you have placed onto everyone, but I’ll be lying if ??? isn’t the one I was looking the most forward to.

Feathers and the Baklava Quartet! Is that the official name for the squad now? I must have missed it,

Edit: v It’s the perfect name for all of them!


Haha!! No, I made it up! It seemed easier to call them the Baklava Quartet than their individual names all the time :’)


You are insanely talented. I get so excited when I see your posts/pics. :heart: Also, holy crap Bring on the THUNDER!!! #Rawr


Once I finish Chapter One, I will write up a brief intro to mystery character as a little incentive to myself to finish it!


That’s a great name ! I wonder if we can name all the groups in the game like MC and the main ROs or something like that :grin:.

But I have to say Storks and Gloves make me feel something :flushed:. You honestly did AMZING on both of them.

That’s a really cool interpretation on her. Yeah, I can see her as a fae. There’s even an interpretation where Juniper is thought to be a hybrid of supernaturals so she’s not fully a vampire :grin:.

Who’s the first ? :eyes:

Also, I know that this is sudden @Shyranno but have you ever designed Juniper’s butler and Jabs before?

The first would be String-bean Sally! Thus far, only Sally, Stork, and Hecuba wear pants. Not that it means anything very much–I can picture many of the other female characters wearing pants too! Pilcrow in particular “switches between skirt and pants”, if I recall the description Gower shared with me correctly!

And no, not yet! There are a few characters I’ve yet the pleasure of drawing. Perhaps in the future!


Few questions, if anyone happens to know the answers.

  1. What exactly is the upperhand stat for Fitzie?
  2. Does a high upperhand stat mean that Fitzie has the upperhand or the MC?
  3. Is it possible for the MC to have the “upperhand” (not entirely sure what that means) and still have a good relationship with Fitzie, or does Fitzie need to have the upperhand for that to happen?
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Upperhand is who is more dominant in the servant/employer relationship.

High upperhand means the MC is more dominant.

It is definitely possible to have a high relationship with Fitzie and also high upperhand, but it is hard: a lot of things that raise one lower the other, but they don’t always move at the same time, and they don’t always move in the same amounts.


I dont know what to say other than this game is satisfying and is written really well. I loved how the game enabled my MC to undergo charactee development. From socially awkward bookworm to a clever and sophisticated nobleman. The characters were amazing, and had a lot of depth to them.


Will the Rose and Thorns Committee will try to match the MC with someone?


sorry for bothering you again @Gower but… the option to take a picture of thunder and pipsy already fixed ?

Also, how did we know Tabby’s mom had died and why did she dies in the first place? :thinking:

Edit : I found a way to capture the two lovers though I found it interesting that Fitzie’s relationship stats starts to decrease

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If you go to the opera and talk to Chervil, he’ll tell you a bit about Tabby’s mom. It’s not much, he just says “She’s all I have left since Ginger died”, so I suppose she passed away at a nondescript time before the story begins.


Ooh… :hushed: I see. Well, thanks for the information :blush:

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Absolutely aprops of nothing, I had a dream that the peacocks of Tally Ho, who were previously very happy in India, heard about Jolly Good, were irate about not being consulted, boxed themselves up, postmarked themselves to England, and appeared on the Jolly Good MC’s doorstep. They stacked up like an alarmingly feathery snowman and, when MC opened the door, they made a blep :peacock: :stuck_out_tongue:


And of course Fitzie refused to be anywhere near them.


Fitzie is much too busy polishing off the biscuits and stealing slices of melon to wrangle peacocks! :joy:


Fitzie might be somewhere else trying to get themselves into a mysterious society who does matchmaking for their employers to even realize that there’s peacocks at MC’s house


Now that I think of it does anyone in the main cast except us have their personal servant? And the noble gas members

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I don’t think we meet any other employed valets. But I’ve only played for a meager 4 hours.

As for the Noble Gases, Rory, of course, has their valet, and may even be married to them. Pilcrow is like…the clubhouse’s majordomo, if that’s the right word. I sort of assume that others do. One hopes the Noblest Gas has a Noblest Attendent at home.

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As it happens, I am just today sketching a scene where you may meet Toppers’ maid. Aside from her, I don’t think I have defined any others. I’ll keep that up in the air in case I need them for emergency plot purposes.


I mean, there is the Pilcrow equivalent at the Dormouse Society. And there’s the possibility of knowing OF the servant or paramour of Rory & Frankincense. But it’s interesting that of the current Noble Gases, you are one of the few who seem to be actively related to aristocracy. And it’s notable that even Marmaduke doesn’t have a servant of his own.