Jewel in the East (WIP)


Hello everyone. I’m here to show off my work-in-progress game, Jewel in the East. I’ve written a few versions of the introduction, but I’ve only now started whittling at the code for it.

To actually elaborate on the game itself, Jewel in the East is going to be a somewhat alternate history work centered around the Ottoman Empire in 1480, nearly three decades after the sacking of Constantinople, and less than a year before the death of Mehmed II. Rather than the romantic slant of a lot of Choice games, it’s going to focus on intrigue and plots developing within the Empire, and your role, whether you are an instigator, an unwitting pawn, or the kind of savior the Ottomans need.

So far, I’ve got the different backgrounds you can choose from (haven’t set variables yet, unfortunately) and a few versions of the game’s intro event: getting caught up in an assassination attempt on the Sultan.

The backgrounds are as follows:
Armenian laborer, pulled in to repopulate the city.
Venetian merchant, mostly here to sightsee.
Child of a Serbian timariot (a horseman given land rights by the Sultan, like a knight).
Ambassador of the Knights of St. John.
Orphaned Turkish beggar born in the city.

Right now I’m working on what variables to set up for which backgrounds. Literacy, military training, etc. I’m probably not going to go with the usual stat meters.

Any interest, so far?


Sounds pretty interesting to me. I’d like to play your game, tell me when you want it to be betatested!


An… Ottoman game?

I am very much interested indeed!


Certainly interested!


I have been waiting for this, Ottoman empire has been a favorite of ever since I was a wee lass (No I’m not Scottish, the sentence just suited) Seriously I LOVE Turkish history. Have you ever watched ‘Sultan Sullieman’ ? It’s pretty Ottoman empire, while not completely accurate it will give you some insight. Plus I’m happy to help!


The ottoman empire is a favorite of mine too although not in the period this is set in. I prefer it when it was a few centuries later than that. Looking forward to the game though


Im Spanish so my hate for Ottoman empire its genetic :slight_smile: but its interesting i hope do you point them like real sly politician and rich slavish because they have a enormous slavery business many Spanish end like slaves in the Ottoman empire


Definitely glad for the interest!

@Aquila At the rate I’m coding, I’ll at least get a demo of the first few choices by tomorrow. After I’ve gotten a bit done, I’ll work on adding in all the different *if statements. Any tips or advice would be fantastic!

@trollhunterthethird I have not, unfortunately. But I’ve read several books on the Ottoman Empire. And I’ve found a show called “Magnificent Century” concerning Suleiman’s reign. So far, it’s proven to be interesting.


It is something of a shame that this wasn’t set a few decades earlier; I’m sure that Mehmed the Conqueror’s campaigns against the marvellous Voyvode Vlad III in Walachia would be sufficiently gory and familiar to capture people’s attention.


@Drazen our the Ottoman battle against Spain that are cool too


@MaraJade Which one? The Siege of Castelnuovo? The Spanish relief force at Malta? Their role in the Lepanto? …?


You could have Cervantes running around and helping you! :smiley:


yeah all @Drazen help Cervantes escape that could be a cool mission


Ottoman Empire is close to my heart, Gramps is from Prizen (Not Turkey, but is rich in Turkish culture and history) so I my useless talent at Turkish history can finally (somewhat) shine.


looking forward to the demo. I’m a Turk from Istanbul (Constantinople) so if you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask.


I don’t know too much about European history as I should, but I find the Ottomans are among my favorite empires. (Contending with Byzantium)

The choices you have laid out for us are interesting in their own right, but I might see potential for more in the future. (Particularly a protagonist of Greek national)


I’m def looking forward to this


@Drazen That’d be an interesting and bloody time, indeed. Unfortunately, the game isn’t going to focus upon war very much. Perhaps, when I finish it, I’ll make a more war-centric game. Maybe an HRE game.

@Aquila Now there’s an idea! According to history, Cervantes was captured by Algerian corsairs, and a week after his liberation in October of 1580, he went home to Madrid. But this isn’t necessarily historical, so…

@RagEgnite The Knights’ ambassador is Greek, at least. They may be a French order, but Rhodes is a Greek island. Although, if I really wished, I could probably also fit in Hungarians, the Romani, the Tartars, and a bevy of foreigners ranging from the Hansa to Poland to Denmark. But considering I already plan to have an *if statement containing rather different options and descriptions for every single combination of background and gender, adding more options would turn things ridiculous.

So, good news/bad news.

Good news is that I have finally memorized the intricacies of Choicescript. Bad news is that I wrote roughly one hundred lines of code that are now useless.

BUT, I have managed to code up the stats and backgrounds, as well as write out the differing opinions each background has regarding Constantinople/Istanbul.

It’s like, one choice, but since I started it yesterday and have been fumbling thorough the opening like a drugged polar bear, I hope you’ll forgive me.


Hmm… I got an odd menu asking to either download or add to dropbox O.o though it could just be me…anyone else get this?


Nah same here and I can’t download it I’m on an iPod