Its all about the money

Has anyone ever consodeted making there entire series of game free, but and a big but, also have a little plugin or add on that would greatly benifit a player but that would cost money. Extra,coding not even sure its possible but just a thought. Any inputs?

I’ve considered it, but making an in-game advantage available for real money rubs me the wrong way. Balancing an object (from personal experience) like that is also pretty difficult: it’s too easy to make the game so hard without it, or the item so helpful that people see buying it as the “proper” way to play the game, and you get a tonne of bad press (like @JimD did for ZE) for “hiding” the “true price” of the whole package.

Of course, going the other way means that the item isn’t worth the money that it costs, and you still get bad press about the purchase being a “ripoff”.

Mmm not including giving full info for what as purchase would give such as health pack or certain itemd othereisw unattainable or first few purchases ya know. Consider non choice gam E and their additional benifits.

Then there is full games with side storyline or backgrounds for purchase.

It’s an interesting idea, but I cannot see CoG doing it soon. It’s like The Sims and its add-ons. While I buy the add-ons, my game functions fine without them.

To me, ‘free too play’ games used to be a much more attractive prospect.
These days you have so many different games trying to use various types of micro-transaction that it’s beginning to get really annoying.

That’s not to say all F2P games suck (GW2 > any other MMO any day) or that it shouldn’t be considered for CoG games - but I think you have to be paying for the right thing.

What is that right thing? Well, if you find out, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Micro transactions suck. This idea would annoy me and I would never pay for it. I’d rather pay the couple dollars and experience the whole game as it was meant to be experienced.

My thoughts on the “right thing” is that it varies from person to person. The right thing for me is the whole damn experience. The right thing for someone else might be health packs. It depends on the individual. Also, if I’m not mistaken, GW2 already operates under a similar model as CoG. You buy it and you get to experience the whole game. Of course, the industry differences may be what you are referring to here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same thoughts as @GameOver. I personally hate it when I play a game for free and to gain access to certain things, I have to buy add-ons. It’s like free phone games but you have to buy these several things to gain the best of it, which I really do not like because if you’re going to give me a game, best just give all of it altogether rather than going “oh hey I’m giving you some of the experience, here, pay if you want more”.

I would rather much buy the whole thing in and of itself so I can experience everything at the same time, even if it would cost a bit more.

@GameOver Not quite, GW2 does make HEAVY use of its ‘Gem Store’ (aka the BLTC) where you can buy consumables (gathering tools, Armour dyes etc), extras (character slots) and some aesthetic apparel - all for real currency (or lots and lots of in-game money).

So all the *playable* content you can experience for the original price - but it does make heavy use of its store (it has to, to be fair). Thankfully they are pretty smart about what they sell in it, or more to the point, what they don’t sell in it.

But I am in firm agreement, I’d much prefer a steeper original asking price than a load of additional cost add-ons (Post release DLC being excluded).

The only thing I would be asking additional money for is an old-fashioned expansion pack-style DLC. Micro-transactions, especially ones for items that make the game much easier, I would never do. I hate those things and they are excusable only in free-to-play online games as they need to pay for servers and websites somehow. I’ve seen a lot of iOS/Android games lately that are offline and free, but you have to pay for pretty much 90% of the items in the upgrade shop. It’s just ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous.

fWell I don’t like micro transactions, I prefer they say here is a free trial the game cost x or just premium editions with skin packs of that type of stuff. I love expansions and dlc with story. Like skyrim dlc and games like bioshock I just never buy a dlc about colors like fable 3 that’s unethical.

I pay for a expansion for broadsides hell yes! or for a dragon or a zombie exodus dlc who explains where happened Devlin until you see him again and River and Starr wanderings. but never for a weapon or easy health that why I never pay for any micro system Cog has implemented, and even consider the hero 2 guide a dirty move they get the roles so difficult to make people NEVER could have a good result with the guide, they destroy game for me when you have to pick a advanced dictionary of english to search etimology differences in two sentences exacly same in fourth significances except one , to determine if you are a hero or a team player you fucked all game. I just couldn’t replay it again is a dirty policy you want win pay me 1 dolar more please. Hell If you need a dolar put it in the price lol. I would gradly pay for this games a dolar month you don’t need follow EA policies.

@DSeg that was just about what I was thinking when I made the thread=p. But I’m meaning more towards an expansion. And for playability a little start up boostor some some at the begging ad on but who knows.

@MaraJade That’s about it. Putting a side the point of add-ons . But leaning more towards an expansion. Make the story so juicy and give it the whole thing as good as it was meant to be. But of course a bit of hidden secrets into someone past or who knows. But of course that is the general Idea of what I was thinking.

These expansions, while the game free can easily cover how much it would cost for a regular game if not multiple ones. But of course counts for extra time around the game. Depending on how in-dept a coder/writer is willing to go.

Considering giving the expansion a try according to games official beta test reviews.