Is This a Bad Idea for a Game?

I would play this game. I’m not a fan of the whole medieval thing but if the writing and plot are good then it shouldn’t be a problem

Hey, on one hand it’s thoughtful and convenient for you to ask public opinion about topics you’re unsure of in your game, on the other hand FairyGodFeather’s advice about just writing first and then asking questions is probably your best bet.

But to answer your original questions.

  1. Gender-locked MCs are always going to be a touchy subject in CYOAs since many are turned off with MC gender-locking, myself included. However, if the story content overrides a bit of exclusivity, I’ll bite. It’s more acceptable if it’s necessary to the plot too. But if there’s a way to make it work otherwise you could save yourself some complaints.

  2. I love Medieval Settings, I don’t mind any kind of setting, but Medievalish and futuristic settings are 2 of my favorites.

  3. Religion can also be touchy in CYOAs, but as long as the MC isn’t punished in any way for not being religious and the in-game religions aren’t a comparison to life religions then you should be fine. Religious beliefs in a game should also be optional at some point. Personally, I was raised religious so I’m more tolerant and likely to ascribe to being religious in-game.

  4. This and #1 have to be handled the most carefully, Lucian’s work is great and having a similar premise is fine(it was an interesting premise). The same premise could probably be well-written multiple times as long as it has very clear distinctions in characters/setting/plot etc and the The Lost Heir is used as inspiration not rip-off material at any time.

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I’d play it if it was well-written. 1. Not a big deal for me but I know it can be for some, maybe just try and make it work for both genders? Idk. 2. It is a bit overdone with these types of games, personally for me I can only really get into it if it can standalone as like an original medieval fantasy. If you can get super creative with it and kind of make your world, I’d be into it. 3. Not a big deal just don’t like push religion on anyone and definitely make it a choice whether or not to believe in this religion, etc, etc. But that should go without saying. 4. I’ll just tie this in with 2 and say as long as it’s still original and stands alone in it’s own right, it won’t be a problem.
I only have a basic understanding of how setting a price for these games work, but I probably wouldn’t pay over 2 or 3 unless the like “preview” is really really good. But this is all just me of course.

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