Is there any way to see the values of all variables from a specific playthrough of a PUBLISHED game?

If I’m not mistaken, whenever a game-crashing bug happens, a pop-up appears and players can send an automated message to support that has a log with all variables and their values.

My question here is if there’s any other way to generate that report, or to get that info somehow. I’m cracking my head trying to track a continuity bug that doesn’t break the game, that only one player seems to have experienced, and that happens in all his playthroughs. I was not able to replicate this bug, and no players I’ve contacted had it either.

(Sorry if this isn’t the right board, I wasn’t sure where to post it)

Why not just have all the stats as well as other variables show on the last page of the game? surely that would be a workable solution.

${Variable One}
${Variable Two}

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I have over 4 thousand variables for this game. :sweat_smile:

But yeah, I could add an option somewhere to do that and it would be a good idea to get reports if there’s no other alternative. The main problem here is that it would require the game to be updated, and whenever the game gets updated people lose their saves.

And then, if I manage to catch the bug by asking the player to update the game + restart their playthrough again, I’d have to update the game one more time to fix it. I’d rather avoid breaking people’s saves in quick succession if possible.

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If you use (or are willing to use) CSIDE, this is where the console can really shine. (Advanced Topics → Console).

Feel free to PM me if it sounds like it’d be useful.

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This is a neat feature, but I meant for a published game. I’m trying to see the variables a specific player is getting.

You should ask them if they’ve modified the stats. If they’re the only person getting this error this seems the most likely cause.


The browser console? It should show you all the JavaScript variables, which must be where CS stores its data. At the very least, it’s worth a try.

I second this. I spent so much time hunting errors when Fallen Hero came out, only to realize that the season for the errors was a pirate site that put modified max stats in the game from the start, which bugged some later stat checks.


You can look at the stats object in the browser console - just type stats and you should see all the variables.

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