Non-existent variable: Players get it, I don't

I have an issue I can’t find a solution to.

Some players have reported finding various ‘non-existent variables’ in the latest update of my wip. They are all different variables I created in the last update, and everything is working on my end. They are created properly, I’ve spelled everything correctly, and quicktest and variable test shows no errors. I’ve played it through on both my computer and on my phone, and everything works for me.

So, my question is this: If you have a game already saved, and continues from there when I have added the new update, could that cause the error? Because then your session has not ‘created’ the variable back at the start? Or is there another cause? I’m a bit stumped since I can’t replicate the error.

The thread in question: Fallen Hero - Update 18 December 2016

I’m pretty sure that it’s a result of them not existing in a save that was made before the update. You’d have to restart the game if you add any new variables to startup.

That’s what I thought, Thank you!


couldnt it be fixed by having game refresh the values before loading save.
unless you go back and add variables to the previous chapters where there were none it should work. atleast for future chapters.

How do you make the game refresh variables?