Is there a way to continue on a certain scene without having to indent so much?


Is there a way to continue on a very long scene without having to indent so much? It just seems to take a tedious amount of pressing space for everytime I make a new line to have to indent everything so far. Maybe I should just switch to spaces instead of tab…


I only indent one space as needed; so far the code works as long as you are consistent in your formatting.


You can also use the *label and *goto commands to jump around a scene file instead of having to indent ad infinitum.


Yah but once I’ve moved onto my *goto after I get my gender bits out of the way and want to move on with the story, the next part has to be indented even further down the way doesn’t it? So it likes this

  #blah blah blah
   Bleh bleh bleh
   *goto bluh

    *label bleh
     bluh bluh bluh

so i have to now hit space 4 times before i start a new sentence and its hard to keep track of everything. is there an easier way to do this?


No. *label starts at a fresh line without any indents.

*goto label free
*label free


oohh right page break duh. forgot. thank you.


What text editor are you using? Some of them will auto-indent.


Bear in mind that you can also use Tabs - 1 Tab = 1 indentation level (just so long as you remain consistent throughout a file and don’t try to mix Tabs and spaces within the same file, otherwise ChoiceScript will error).

Most decent text editors also allow you to edit the properties of a single Tab, so you can specify exactly how many spaces it will visibly indent with each press of the Tab key (since the default of 8 spaces for 1 Tab is a little excessive for something like ChoiceScript!).