Is Mackenzie a possible love interest in Psy High?


I’ve played through Psy High a bunch of times and I have always ended up with Alison but I really want to pursue Mackenzie. Can I do that? And if so, how?


Nope, MacKenzie isn’t a choice, though some people have expressed an interest in her.


Aw, okay. Thanks for letting me know!


I have to wonder if it’s a law of some kind that if a character is not a potential love interest, they will immediately become the preferred choice of players.

(We have any would-be Ziegler lovers in here?)


I noticed that as well in my own game as well. I’m guessing that there’s certain personality types that people will always gravitate to?


In my case, part of it is because this game doesn’t mind telling you how your character feels about other characters. You are crushing on Taylor, you hate Mackenzie. I, of course, am going to want to romance Mac just out of sheer stubbornness.


People always want what they can’t have, no?


Shhh I totally didn’t make a thread or anything to find out if he was


Ziegler is sexy like Snape is! Stupid Sexy Ziegler!

I liked that Mackenzie’s not romanceable, however it would have been nice to at least have been able to flirt with her only to have her completely shut us down with an “Ewwww no.” (Or whatever she’d do). I suspect she’d try to completely destroy us socially for even trying.


Ziegler… I can’t believe there’s actually a fanbase for Ziegler…


I would make a petition to make him a RO but I don’t have an account on one of the sites ;-;.


There is porn of it… No exceptions.


Who’s Ziegler?

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Finally fulfilled


Ziegler is the super sexy Professor who guides you in Choice of Robots. He’s as hot as he is smart as he is charming. No lie!


Well he likes Inspector Gadget, so there’s a point in his favor.

And he doesn’t know Mega Man, so let’s just take that one point away now…


Yes. He is exactly as hot as he is smart as he is charming.


Haha I wanted to romance Mackenzie as well, not possible sadly. Though I did like Alison and Carla, it was only Taylor I didn’t like at all.


Too bad. You’re crushing on Taylor because the plot says so.


Ewww… that old guy… (yes, from the start I always saw him as an old guy) he actually has a cult following of shippers? Romancing Ziegler… I didn’t even think that was possible… (I do keep having a very bad relationship with him in general…)

Totem Force [Submitted to HG!]

It isn’t possible, but whether or not a romance is canonically possible or not…ship happens.