Is it possible to become King in Lord of Aswick

Hi guys, so I was just wondering if is possible to become King in Lord of Aswick, If not what is the best outcome and can I Marry Maurgretie of Dumas

I think you can’t. You end as a Kingmaker, unless you die from the battle thing

I always wondered that. Either i end up helping 1 to become king or i get sent out of country and then poisoned. Can’t even tell who does that.

In the matter of marriage i never had any affair or any romance. In the end family arranges a marriage. So any other good option. Just wondering because i don’t like whoring around in middle of war.also arranged wife seems to be very does her family

Also what about that chariot character. I never learn much about that.

You can marry Marguerite, but you can’t be king.

In fact, marrying Marguerite is usually required for getting the most land.

Ok thank you

Is it possible to have a son that lives

Should answer your question we don’t have a shot of kingship until the 4th book series. And each book is supposed to progressively take us out of the comfort zone.


You already grow old in game.what you mean series? You mean kid?

Yeah I can only have daughters and when I have a son he died as a child

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Thanks, so will these future books be the lord’s descendents

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It’s random.if you restore or replay you can get son.

Now in the sequel which is voice of God you play as the twin that gets sent to the church and it’s a she. Now pretty much she’s dealing with the world one of the situation of the equivalency of the Reformation. See in the first of his blood it’s taking place during their version the Hundred Years War in the later War of the Roses.

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No but you can accumulate lordships and titles and become quite the influential and powerful feudal lord, which is also cool.

Ok so now I am trying to get the option of why not go bigger and you need 40 nobility early in the game and I cannot get that

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