Invalid String, open quote cannot find

So I’m having issues with an invalid string but cannot find it. Here’s the error
Error: line 24: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "))

But every line 24 (& double checking right above & below it) is fine, no issues.
This is the game, recently updated to get some help finding this issue.

Edit: Should add, the game plays fine

Can you screenshot your code?

If I’m counting correctly, line 24 of puremom.txt is this:

*if ((breed = "Doberman") or (breed = "Rottweiler""))

Which has an extra quotation mark after Rottweiler. The extra mark probably counts as an “opening” quotation mark, and if it does, it has no “closing” quotation mark. Try removing that, re-saving the file, and testing again.

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One thing I really hate about using ", is I always miss it when I accidently have a second one. Thank you. Getting new errors now but they are not related to this. Thanks!

If you’re using Notepad++, you can set it up so pressing the quotation mark on the keyboard always give you double mark. Can be handy.

Not sure about other text editors, or even CS-IDE