Noob question about strings/quotes

Ok, so this is a noob question but its one that has been a pain in my side and I haven’t been able to find an answer, so I’m guessing this is a stupid question that I just cant figure out. When I try to put some flavor text inside of my stats screen, it says the string is invalid and that ‘open quote with no close quote’

I guess its easier to understand if I post the code here,

The error I’m getting is

Line 15: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "your

code is here

text Title

text “your appearance is”

*if (Skin = “Scaled”)
text “You have scaled skin”
*if (Skin = “Fur”)
text “You have fur”
text “Your fur is colored ${Fur_color}”

text claws

text Strength
text Durability
text Speed
text Power
text Intelligence

opposed_pair Compassion

Can someone more experienced let me know what I am doing wrong?

NOTE: I found a bit of a fix by putting the quotes in parenthesis, but it prints out as

“You have furry skin”: You have furry skin
“Your fur is colored green.”: Your fur is colored green.

Any way to get it to print out without it duplicating?

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You don’t have to put *stat_chart since you are not displaying the variables. You can put in the file:

Your appearance is

*if (Skin="Scaled")
    You have scaled skin.
*if (Skin="Fur")
    You have fur. Your fur is colored ${fur_color}.
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… Im stupid, thanks