Invalid string problem

Just started using ChoiceScript IDE, so not sure if this is an issue for this alone or with my coding.

Code is below, issue is I’m getting: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote ")
Issue is with the *if statement

*if (gender = "Male")
      So you names John?
      *set name "John"
      *goto day
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Have you set the variable gender? Otherwise it seems that in the Code before there may be an " without a second one, so that the code sees the " before the ( as the beginning of a new quote

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Yes, there’s 2 variables with male. Sex & gender

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Than I would look for a stray ", the error code points in this direction you could check this fast, if you put a another " after the second one and run a new test, if ther is no error there must be a leftover somewhere before the code snippet you posted

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Thanks ^^ I actually had a stray " in that little snip


I´m glad, I could help

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