Introduction to ChoiceScript error

On the Choice of Games page “Introduction to ChoiceScript,” there is a link for an example game on github. I downloaded it, opened the javascript file “mygame,” which is found by unzipping the github download, and then going from web > mygame > mygame. When I open the mygame javascript file, to test out, I get the following error:

The only code in the javascript file, which is supposed to open the game and all the files that go with it, is this one line…

nav = new SceneNavigator(["startup"]);stats = {};

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to be able to run the JavaScript file and play the game, rather than get an error?

I believe none of the javascript files are capable of running independently. In fact, you shouldn’t actually need to open, view, or edit any of them at any point for any reason.

Try opening index.html instead.


Thanks so much! It worked. I feel like a total coding newbie with ChoiceScript!Believe it or not, I have made games in DOS, and made websites just using Notepad, but a language as easy as ChoiceScript has me beat! :laughing:

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