Interest Gauge - 3 Possible Projects

So, I have been convinced to start a project of my own. My current problems are the following:

  • I need to find some better tutorials for using CS. Or, if I can examine a game and figure out the code for myself that would work as well.,

  • I have three things that interest me and it’s hard to pick just one. So I figured I’d gauge the interest of the community and run from there. I can either do:

    • Science fiction featuring a mercenary with AI-controlled nanobots within his body. Part of what was considered a failed experiment, you escaped the destruction of the laboratory and are now selling your abilities to the highest bidder. A contract will force you to confront your past. I have probably performed the most world building for this story in the hopes of writing a standard novel. It can be retooled for a choice story.

    • Again going back into the Sci-Fi realm. This time you are a fighter pilot whose ship finds itself cut off from Earth and must fight its way back home. This world is still rudimentary but I know the “feel” that I’m going for. I would need to determine my antagonist and their goal but I feel it would be a fun project.

    • I also have a lot of experience writing in the fantasy genre (low and high). I haven’t had any particular setting in mind but I have DM’d many campaigns, so creating a new setting and running with it should be no problem.

So, I look forward to hearing from this community. If anyone is curious about my writing style, keep an eye out for @Sophia’s work Kingdoms: A Man’s Journey as I will have a fan fic appearing there in the next update. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to let me know and I’ll get back ASAP.

  • Mercenary Story
  • Starfighter Story
  • Fantasy Story

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I for one, am a big fan of the merc one. It just seems so original compared to the others, no offense. Just want to offer encouragement and well wishes! Good luck!


You can read published games’ code pretty easily (as long as you have access to the part of the game you’re looking at normally – for example, I can’t view code for Heroes Rise beyond the first couple scenes because I haven’t bought the game). There’s a thread explaining how here:

I’ve learned a lot just by diving in and learning how to do stuff as I need it. Coding tutorials tend to be way more interesting and easier to follow if you’ve got a specific goal in mind. Learning about concepts in isolation isn’t particularly memorable, but suddenly finding a new way to solve a problem is very satisfying

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I agree! Seems there are a lot of fantasy games, and a lot of the sci-fi is about flying a starship. A mercenary character sounds interesting to play (and replay, with a different emphasis). And if you’ve already put some work into building the world, even better. My own project started as a more traditional story, but I kept asking myself ‘what if X happened instead,’ and a game seems to be a better fit.

Well, I admit that I am not surprised by the amount of votes for fantasy as it is a popular genre here.

What did surprise me is the strong surge for merc over the past couple hours. I will keep the poll open for a while longer but I can already tell I won’t be channeling Wing Commander nostalgia anytime soon. :slight_smile:

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Actually…merc is in the 55%

That is exactly what I have been needing. Thank you!

Still #1. Star Fighter would have to receive a lot of votes to catch up with the other 2.

You can try and merge both of them…?

Well, it would eventually happen under my original plan. It would be a different story in the same universe.

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And his fanfic is extraordinary! :smile:

Yes! Thank you!

tears of joy

I believe I have all the data that I need. Mods, you are welcome to close this thread as I will be making a new thread for the WIP. Thanks again everyone!

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You have to summon the mod to do that :v

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