Interest Check for MMA Game

Just a general check to see if anyone would be interested in an MMA adventure. Don’t have any ideas for story, but I do have some gameplay elements mapped out:

1.You would be able to choose from 10 different styles to focus on that will actually effect choices, from Mauy Thai to Sambo.
2. There will not be romance, however, as I do not yet feel comfortable taking that kind of stuff on. Trust me. I’ve tried before. The results were rather disappointing. :joy:
3. You would get to select from three different coaches/gyms in order to allow you to advance some of your weak spots. For example, let’s say you’re MC is Gracie Jiu-jitsu, mainly. Well, he may want to contact the boxing coach to help him even out his abilities some, and up his striking game, since a submission fighter like that would obviously have a great ground game, already.
4. You would get to choose exactly how your fights go. As in, literally not one hit would be automatic. What I’m saying, is, you’d actually get to legitimately FIGHT in this game.
5. For role-playing purposes, I plan to allow players to choose how to spend there money after each fight, i.e. do you buy a new car, house, go to the bar, buy that new VR headset?
6. You’d get to choose exactly how to train and what to focus on in sessions.
7. There will be relaxation scenes where you get to just chill and play games, go out and have some fun, or workout in your home. Just stuff like that.
8. You will have the ability to customize sponsors, your banner, even entrance and shorts. Again, just for extreme roleplayers, like me.

And that’s all I have. Please hit me with some feedback.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, I, myself, will be developing it. I would need a coder, though. But that’s for later.

I’ll try to answer any inquiries as best I can.

Cheers. :smiley:


Yes, Slammed! is a wonderful story about wrestling so a MMA game should work too.

Part of the reason Slammed! worked so well is that it focused on all the things surrounding wrestling… like how a heel is just as important as a hero…

So do more then the fighting/matches and I think you’ll do fine.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, like I said, I don’t have a story planned out, yet, but it would definitely contain a dark, gritty one that challenges what fighting means to you, the player.

Literally! That’s all I’m settling for!

And yes, I’ve played Slammed! many a times. I’m actually a huge fan of it, and wrestling as well!


I would be down for a mma cog. There’s hardly any sports based choice games besides slammed so I’d welcome it ^^


I’ve never been one for sports, but I immensely enjoyed “Slammed!” so I would say yes, but… For me the “no romance” kills whatever enjoyment there might be.

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This sounds like a really cool idea since I’m a big mma fan I would definitely play through it


Really? Do you care to go more in depth as to why that is? I’m just curious, if you’re saying romance is essential…

Don’t get me wrong, I want romance in every game possible. It’s one of the many reasons I enjoyed Zombie Exodus and Unnatural so much…I feel that they were all very well written, and only added to those experiences.

But that’s the thing: if I include RO options and paths…they would have to be very good ones. Sadly, I’m simply not confident in my abilities to write awesome and well-delivered ones.

Thanks for your input.

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Maybe not romance but if you include relationships between friends, family and even community members like politicians, managers, promoters and clergy (Think of Mohamed Ali making himself loved world-wide) … maybe you can write about those types of relationships?

Edit: A pure fighting story is better done graphically … like Street-fighter or that WWF game by 2k sports.


As I previously stated, it will in no way be a pure fighting story. I just don’t have any of it planned out, yet.

And I agree with your statement about this type of game being done graphically, I actually play all of those. However, I only intend to show that, even in a text game, combat can be fun. I encourage you to try out the demo when I post it here soon.

Please refer to this bit of mine, for anyone else sharing the same concern.

I’d be down for a MMA CoG, if it’s done realistically. As a avid MMA fan and Muay Thai / Kickboxing practitioner I’d love to see a good CoG with a MMA theme.

From a personal standpoint I’d be dissapointed if there isn’t a romance plot since I’m a sucker for those things :smiley:

Also it’s gonna be VERY challenging to make the stat system since MMA is such a veried sport with all the different techniques involved, especially if you allow hybrid styles (MuayThai/BJJ for example)

If you need any help, or someone to bounce ideas off let me know.


One Question. The Diaz Brothers Be Killing You…Would You Ever Fight One Of Them?

It could work. I am a fan of mma. Keep in mind you would have to do some research into the various styles of martial arts. Another neat thing to add in would be interviews that could increase your popularity. Possibly even the choice on whether or not to take physically enhancing drugs. I hope o
You do it and I will enjoy playing it

sounds good :slight_smile: as stated interviews would be good…but motivations for getting into it in general, everything from fame, to being sadistic, to money etc. my MC would do it for the enjoyment and refuse all media coverage :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m cautioisly intrigued by the idea, however there are some scope issues that you’ll want to ensure get addressed. IE: it can be months between your “big” fights.

I’m going to break with the crowd here in that I’m actually glad you’re not bringing romance into this. Romance works with a game so long as it does not detract from the action of the story. For all that MMA is a group of people supporting the fighter- at the end of the day it’s one fighter versus one fighter. I think trying to take the focus from that detracts from the overall concept.

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Hey everyone! Wow, I appreciate the feedback!

Invterviews will definitely be in the game, fro small ones to big ones. And yes, they would effect your Popularity meter that will also be incorporated!

Stats will be tricky, but, as I’m not actually starting the game yet, I’m not worried as of now. I’ll for sure need a little help with those when I kick this into gear. I don’t currently have stats layed out, either.

Believe it or not, I have zero research to do into this in terms of the in-game styles. I practice some of them in real life (GJJ, Mauy Thai, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Karate), and I have extensive knowledge on each one. Trust me, I’m a true martial artist. :joy:

Yes, I could beat both Diaz brothers in a fight single handedly and both at the same time. Especially in a Jiu-jitsu match. :sunglasses: No. Don’t tell them I said that. Especially Nick. Man’s got hands.

Ooh, motivations, right! Yes, at certain points, you will have to select exactly why your fighter is doing this/that. You’re going to get to roleplay with other things than just physical as appearance and how he presents himself. Sorry if I use that word too much. Roleplay. :grinning:

I think that about covers all the big stuff. Again, thanks for the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it and it really helps me.

However, that’s not all.

Question time!

For anyone who would actually play this, what do you think about customization? Character customization? If you read the topic, you saw that I plan to allow you to have tons of freedom to roleplay here, and that I’m very avid about that. How do you feel? I listed off some of what I plan to allow you to have control over, but did I mention appearance, as well? Hair color, eye color, tattoos, distinguishing features…

I need some more help here. Do you guys even want that? Or are you more concerned with focusing on how great a fighter your MC is?

Let me know what you think. :smiley:


well, posted about customisation recently funnily enough :stuck_out_tongue: but since your COG seems to be more personal less story based(as in no set characters, it’s your story) the more customisation the better! so yes, hair colour, eye colour, hobbies, pets etc. It all depends on how much you want to do, as obvs if you didn’t write that stuff, I’d just do it in my head anyway as I normally do :stuck_out_tongue:


I love it when I have a lot of customization for my character so I can really feel connected to my character.

However judging by everything you’ve listed so far I’m really worried that the project is going to be too complicated / ambitious…

You might want to limit things since MMA can be very complicated sport, maybe go with a few archetypes. For example MuayThai is taught in 2 very different styles. The Thai style and the Dutch style and even though I’m no expert I know karate has different styles as well. It would be hard incorporate all that.

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Just wondering will we be able to choose which weight class we’ll be in or is it already set

Great question. Yes, it is already set.

Middleweight. To allow for seemingly endless combinations of styles.