Interactive fiction for school

Is general good?
Okay, so… Here in Latvia we have obligatory scientific research in 11th grade, but this year we start sooner, and I thought about a wide range of topics for this thing, decided on interactive fiction.

And my idea is that for the span of 2 years I write interactive fiction with the goal of achieving ‘perfection’. What is that? Basically, you give suggestions, any and all, to create something that appeases everyone. Yes, yes, I know that is impossible, because of different interests, but that is what I will be trying to prove. So what I need right at this moment? It’s ‘Would anyone be willing to participate?’

The thing, whatever comes out of it, will be free, solely for the purpose of science, and english isn’t my native language. For now it is just an idea, but it could be an interesting experiment, of course, if my superiors support it.

Is your interest piqued?


You won’t need to years for that. Just look around the forum. So many have tried to appeal to everyone, and failed magnificently.

Some people (just going with the CoG community) will tell you Fallen Hero: Rebirth is perfect.
Other’s will say it isn’t.
Some will say Choice of rebels is, others hate it etc

There is no way to please everyone. Be it genre, NPCs, customization, etc.
No matter how much input you’d get, you are rolling rocks up a hill while reaching for grapes.


Ah, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. The point of this is not exactly to make a perfect piece of fiction, it’s more to see what can be made when you try to take into account as many suggestions as you can. I know full well that it won’t be anything enjoyable for a reader, and that is why I want to make this for SCIENCE!!, not something publishable. It will be available to read here, but it is not the intended purpose. Writing something is a requirement. In short, I’m analysing why a technically perfect thing didn’t turn out perfect.

How would you respond to contradictory suggestions? :thinking: Polls?

It depends on the contradiction, in some cases they can be combined, albeit not how you might expect, but if nothing can be arranged, it will probably be solved by throwing dice, because that is more fun than first come, first serve or polls. Gives a sense of randomization.

I think it’s a fascinating, and terrifying idea.

There’s an idea in mathematics where if you’re trying to predict something that’s difficult to predict you can get the closest guess by using the estimates of the widest pool you can find, made up of experts and non-experts. There’s a word for it, but I can’t remember it.

It’s an interesting idea that broadly appealing art could be made that way… it’s also a little terrifying that one day someone could make a formula to make the most commercially viable art… and all other art is slowly pushed out.

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I’m reminded of an old literature text I read years ago; the underlying message of it was that a dystopia can result from an overzealous pursuit of utopian ideals.

I’m curious as to how exactly you will carry this out. What exactly are we creating? Is there going to be a plot to which we give suggestions to?


I think you’re opening yourself to a headache with inviting everyone’s highly personal expectations of what an MC is and isn’t and can and can’t do, what romances should be, as well as layering on everyone’s trigger warnings for the actual story.

I’ve got an intellectual curiosity, though, so I’ll participate if possible, just to see what gets through the all the crowd-sourcing filters. And I wish you good luck on your venture!

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It seems like you are trying to formulate a thesis that declares:

  1. Perfection is impossible.
  2. It is not possible to please (or appease) everyone.

Make sure to define the terms you are using, so that their scope is limited to something reasonable. This should also help you create an effective, persuasive argument.

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If people know what you’re attempting, you’ll get trolled. People will make crap suggestions. Best if you go for it to make a normal WIP under a new username and only reveal in 2 years that your unusually accommodating style was all part of an experiment.


Just a reminder, I may not create anything if the idea doesn’t get approved by my teacher, so don’t too excited just yet.

We already know that it’s a story, yes? I don’t think, we can write something very dramatic or have a thought out world, it would probably be more on the light-hearted, comedic side. And plot. The plot is a bit tricky in a sense that this is where the many contradictions could lie, so, to limit the problems for myself, I’ll ask a group of people I know about the perfect plot, since I can ask to clarify and hold an interview with them. Though if the suggestions here are not that good or it’s easier to ask people I know, then a small real life group it is.
Sorry folks, the most basic timeline will be decided on in private, and no grudges for sometimes choosing the real life group.

Well, research is always a lot of headaches, but I think, I can manage. I do have some background in problem solving, so maybe it won’t be that bad. And also this piece of fiction can be just a small fragment, I’m not writing a 300 000 word novel.
Also again, thank you, I too wish myself luck.

Even if I posted it as a normal WIP, I could get troll suggestions. And now it is definitely too late to do that. I think, the troll ones should be easy enough to spot and not use.

I want to refrain from writing thesis or providing something specific, because it’s not 100% that it will be about perfection. I can do a lot of things with a written piece like this.

Maybe my next research will be about entertainment algorithms or something like that, you never know :wink:
Though seriously it is quite the cool idea.

Well, I for one am interested how would a game like that look like. For me personally characters matter A LOT. I don’t care how perfect and interesting your story is if I can’t stand your characters.
And there is your first choice: do we play the good or bad guy? (I’m voiting bad)
Then you have the while world to figure out. Some people prefer medieval settings, some modern, some futuristic and some would yell space. How do you want to deal with that? Are we locked in the simulator of our perfect world like in Fallout 3?
That’s not a bad idea now that I think about it hmmm :thinking: Would help make sense with a lot of choices. You could start with that, MC is programming their perfect world or some shit like that and then you play your new life???
But that’s also a lot of work.
Well anyway, good luck!!

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