Insert-Rich-Family-Name (WIP Updated 12/31/2022) Final Public Update

Something I enjoy writing when I need a break from The Midnight saga :slight_smile: Enjoy!


You can’t choose your family, but you can choose who you want to be when you are around them.

In Insert-Rich-Family-Name-Here, you can play a wealthy billionaire living their best life, who is on their way to attend their grandfather’s funeral at the old family estate.

After the funeral, the family lawyer will read the last will of your grandfather, then you’re supposed to find out if you’ll get an inheritance or not.

Except, your grandfather was known to be eccentric with a weird sense of humor. What is supposed to be a short family gathering, and the last goodbye to an old man, quickly change into the hunting of a killer, when the will of your grandfather states that there is a murderer among the surviving family members.

The rules are simple.

-You have one month to discover who the killer is and turn them to the police to get your inheritance.
-Be the first to find out who is the killer to get your inheritance.
-If the killer surrender before you discover their identity, you lose your inheritance.
-If the month ends before you discover who the killer is, you lose your inheritance.

It’s time to spy on your family members and bring out the skeletons hiding in the closet.

Who is the killer? Your cold and sarcastic cousin Tess or one of her twin brothers. Maybe it’s uncle Rob, who always seems too happy whatever the situation.

Could it be your aunt Flo, who is quiet and reserved, and only cares about her charity organizations.

Better yet, is it your older brother, also known as the family beloved?

Who knows, at least it’s not the butler! Anyway, happy hunting!

PS: Four potential ROs.
-The family lawyer.
-The detective.
-Your bodyguard.
-Secret RO.

The link was updated. Added a little more content and choices. All ROs have been introduced.

Feel free to leave a like or kind comment. (Saves added!)

New Demo link here


Plot twist: I am the murderer.


Can’t waittt your next story


I’m just running through because HYPE, you have another story! I’m torn between the lawyer and the bodyguard. Crisis. I guess this just means multiple playthroughs. Or me seeing how long I can follow The Way of the Hoe, and flirt with everyone.


Interesting story so far keep it up.


A save system would be nice, since my phone loves to reset the page and I have to start new while being inactive for a while.


OP says “No saves so far because it’s short” so I assume saves are planned for later.


Saves are planned for the next update, or so I have been told :innocent:


@Radiantbliss lol I love a game that let me live my “hoe” life :stuck_out_tongue: this one will be no different

@Nurrahmany_Nurry thank you the new game is coming end of this month so much smooch with L for you :blush:

@Kaelyn Save added, didn’t think about phones that constantly restart game thanks for pointing that out

@Jaden_Hairston_Reid thanks for reading


Haha well, who knows :sweat_smile:


Thank you, you’re the best :heart_eyes:

I love the leprechaun option for the Money.

And is it on purpose that there is only a red suit available? Suit seems to be the only option not available in black

Will read more I Love this :star_struck::crazy_face::rofl:


Oh no not at all, I completely missed this. Good eye, I’ll fix it :sweat_smile:


Yeey can’t wait…well im torn between kev and mars(male) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::sob::cry::smiling_face_with_tear:…coz my mc (male)one night stand with kev(male) hahaha :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:…so maybe im more want with kev ehehee


Can we create our own tech company to rival our cousins

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@Nurrahmany_Nurry That’s great… well the one night stand option with K is a good one because they will bring it up in a conversation again :wink:

@Big_fan1231 Interesting :thinking: well the choice where you were making a deal in Tokyo is tracking something similar so maybe I’ll just add an option for MC to personalize what kind of deal it was and what exactly the deal entails. I really like that Idea it’s worth exploring, thanks for asking.


Yess… me too…maybe next update??..maybe kev have feeling for my mc hehehhehe …


Wow this demo is excellent, I’m already hooked! I can’t wait to meet the RO’s! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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gasp Another CC_Hill project! :open_mouth:

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, a whodunnit, a whoddunit, a whodunnit! :partying_face:

“capable of making”

Needs a comma after “Sure” and “you’re” has one r too many.

Should be “emigrate” - you’re already past-tensing with “did”. Don’t know if the other origins have the same typo.


“truly”. “built”. “in the year 1960” OR “in the 1960s”. “has always given you the creeps”, and you don’t need that “still” in there. “passed”

“had always joked”

“clasped” “wrinkles” “impeccable”

“brings”. Also, I seem to have picked an awkward family name. :smile:

My bike is worth ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS?! O_o What is this thing, a mechanised unicorn? It better drive itself AND keep me warm at night.

I think this should be “MY brother”, if I understood the family relations correctly?

I already hate the Doms. “Cheap version of Justin Bieber” is chef’s kiss. Feels like agreeing with Tess that these people are morons should increase our relationship with her, but it doesn’t.

It’s “Kevin Costner”.

Bonus points for a The Bodyguard reference.

There shouldn’t be a comma between “No” and the BG’s name.

Oh, nope, wait, I guess that thing up there really is meant to be “YOUR brother”. Here the bugger is. It’s Benny, baby, Benny!

keeps on chanting whodunnit, whodunnit, whodunnit Of course, right now, we also need to find out who they done it TO. :thinking:

All well-written murder mysteries are fun. I’d engage in ritual sacrifice if it got me Knives Out 2 sooner.


LMAO @JBento :rofl: you’re killing smalls, thank you thank you, thank you, I love those grammar fix I will be right on it.

You people are the best :two_hearts:

Edit: It’s not Baby Benny haha lol… although :thinking: a different timeline???

Edit: AHHH Darn it! Now that Whitney Houston song is stuck in my head :sweat_smile:

Edit: Your bike is a limited edition, I had to google that, I’m sure it can also cook and and do back flips too :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks really fun (can I say a murder mystery looks fun?) @JBento beat me to the grammar stuff (+ extras) I was going to let you know about :slight_smile:


@Jacic haha thank you, it can be fun when no one gets hurt in real life :slight_smile: that’s the magic of fiction.

Also, yes I’ll take all grammar fix whenever you see them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: