Inky Path: An Interactive Fiction Literary Magazine


Hello, fellow ChoiceScript users! I’ve started an interactive fiction literary magazine, Inky Path (

What is Inky Path?

Inky Path is the first literary magazine that showcases interactive fiction and provides readers with the tools to create their own game. It is about fostering a community of thought and discussion around IF works, seeing pieces for more than their entertainment value, and providing greater exposure of IF to the literary world.

What are you looking for?

We are looking for talented IF writers like yourselves to submit your interactive fiction to the site. There can’t be a literary magazine without submissions, so we welcome everyone to bring forth their best work!

It’s fine if your work is published elsewhere. You can also submit excerpts or the beginnings of pieces if you want. We welcome pieces of all lengths, types, and flavors. Bring us your best hypertext historical fiction, or parser-based paranormal romance. Or get even more experimental and send in some multimedia medley that defies all convention or classification. Have fun with it.

Check out the submission guidelines for more info on submitting. We are accepting year-round.

NOTE: We are also currently looking for more readers and graphic designers to help staff the magazine. Click here if you would like to know more about becoming part of the staff.

How can I help?

Since this is a relatively new publication, please, spread the word! Even if you are not personally interested in submitting, pass on the info to someone you know would love to. Since this really is the first of its kind, I’m hoping that it will succeed–I think it’s something that the IF community has needed for a long time.

If you want to help fund the project, we also accept donations.

Thanks everyone! Please submit your work and share with friends! For questions, comments, etc. you can reply here or email the mag at inkypath[AT]

Inky Path:


I might submit my gamebook after CoG publishes it:)


Cool! I recommend posting this on as well.


@dacharya64 Your background image makes it very hard to read the lower text on a phone.


@dacharya64 Love the concept - IF has long needed a central focal point to bring together the various systems under one roof and help to promote and expand the hobby as a whole. I wish you every success. ‘Meal’ submitted. :slight_smile:

@Samuel_H_Young Not sure if you checked out the submissions page itself? Most ChoiceScript demos would appear to qualify, given that offerings are classed as Morsel / Bite / Meal / Feast, with the first at just 0-10 mins play and the largest at 2 hrs+.


This could have potential, but am I right in assuming it’ll be a digital release only?


Yeah it looks like my demo would be a “bite”


@Samuel T
That would be fine. I look forward to seeing your work! Feel free to submit a demo or the full piece once it’s completed.

Already done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll be changing this once I get some new graphics designed.

Thanks! Your piece has been received.

For now, yes, but I’m hoping that once the mag has a strong base community of readers and contributors, we might be able to bring more experimental dreams like a print edition into fruition.



We are now accepting guest blog post entries for Inky Path’s blog. If you want to write about the state of writing, fiction, or interactive fiction today, or post any reviews for IF pieces, this is the place you can do it! We will also accept re-posts of entries you might have already posted to your own blog.

We are also still accepting submissions for Volume 1. Remember that your piece can be published elsewhere, and we accept most types of interactive fiction.

For guidelines on submitting your interactive fiction piece, or your blog entry, check out the submission guidelines here:

Hope to be hearing from you soon!

Inky Path:


Trial of the Demon Hunter will be published soon, and after that I’ll submit a demo to Inky Path.


Glad to hear it! Can’t wait to give it a read.


I see that Volume 1.1 is now available, featuring eight very different Interactive Fiction offerings:


I’m only interested in one of them. Guess which one?


Vendetta xD


The first volume of Inky Path is very impressive! Beyond the excellent format, it’s got a very interesting collection for a first volume.

I’m thinking it needs to be shown a lot more love than it’s getting right now from this forum.


I like the fact that Inky Path is helping to broaden horizons and raise awareness about the different styles and types of interactive fiction – the ‘something for everyone’ approach – and I very much hope to see other ChoiceScript games featured in future, to ensure that our particular branch (no pun intended) of IF is not left out in the cold…

@JimD The poetry one? :smiley: I especially enjoyed Ted Casaubon’s Twine offering, Citizens on the Mountaintop, but scathing commentary of this sort always did appeal to me!


I’m gonna submit both Trial of the Demon Hunter and its sequel for Inky Path’s spring edition.


@Vendetta I have only had a chance to peruse the list of offerings and was more giving you a plug than diminishing the quality of the magazine. I am usually not interested in parser IF and am glad CYO stories are included.

And actually the poetry does appeal to me most!


@Samuel_H_Young Excellent. :slight_smile:

@JimD Y’see, I always knew that beneath the tough, cold, zombie-battle-hardened, apocalypse-surviving exterior lurked the heart of a true poet! :smiley:


Volume 1.2 has just been officially released! You can read it here:

We’ve got some fantastic pieces this time around ranging from funny to whimsical to surreal, and in the spirit of last volume’s quiz, we bring this quarter a small gamebook RPG in which you quest to find the “worldgates,” or various pieces, from the volume. We’ve also got a shiny new domain name,

I hope you enjoy, and we hope to see submissions from you soon.