Information and estimates regarding patch releases?

Hi everyone, hope I’m posting this under the right thread since this question is related to both Hosted Game’s and choice of games alike. Now for the question. Are there any ways to get information or release date estimates on patch releases? Would it violate any rule to even ask about it? Thanks in advance.

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Broadly, yes, asking about updates is against the rules, but your question also confuses me a little.

Are you talking about published or unpublished games?

I was talking about patch releases for already published games. thanks for clarifying.

I’d say it depends on the author/work. At least for Hosted Games, a lot of authors maintain tumblr blogs where they put out updates on progress. Its not the case for every game/series but at least some of them do updates/rewrites. I believe some other authors may have discords where they provide updates/info as well.

For instance, The Shadow Society has a blog ( where the author posts on their progress on their rewrite.

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