Indefinite Hiatus. The Amberwood Series (WIP) (Read Post 409)

It works when I test it in CSIDE, at least! That’s gotta be worth something, right? It’s been forever and a day since I last downloaded a “vanilla” ChoiceScript install, so I didn’t even bother testing it in that environment… maybe I should update that at some point.


So the “replaceme” part would be the pronouns they type in. I’m trying to wrap my head around it… guess it’s something to keep in mind. it’s really confusing me
edit to say this thread has gotten really… messy. But I guess that isn’t a bad thing for anyone else looking to start writing CS.

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That’s exactly right, but making it function as a piece of code that can be replaced when the option is switched on will be the trick. :slightly_smiling_face:

is it bad to say the idea of figuring this out has me stressed already-

I think I may have misread your comment. Can you explain this in greater detail?

That’s pretty normal!

Allowing players to input custom pronouns is almost exactly the same as allowing players to input custom character names. Except characters generally have more pronouns than names, so it has to be repeated more times.


The idea is code simplification. Making it so that the author doesn’t have to manually input every possible pronoun stretching the code out. By putting a piece of code that can morph into what the player inputs into place there, it simplifies the need to input as many as possible.

The only thing is, other than the one that allows players to input custom names for their character, I don’t know how well it would work within the code itself. Which is why I say that “it should, in theory”, at any rate.

I feel like it would be something to test separately, like not within the main project.

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Yep. Making a scratch sheet is also good practice when it comes to coding things. Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. :wink:

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I wish I could help further, but I’m still trying to understand the coding used for these games. Apologies.

And Tinstar is a western epic :laughing: however, when I first read the title I thought it was going to be a space story and tinstar was the name of the spacecraft or something haha but nope. I was centuries off

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I chose to help the wounded, at which point the guy teaches me how to magically heal, which involves awakening my magic, and hence choosing the color.

Then the game acts like I hadn’t already awakened my magic and then gave me the other scene where one can awaken their magic.

well shoot, I’m at a complete loss so Imma do some searching, because my labels should be correct. i thought maybe I put in the magick scene twice, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s highly possible the error is really silly on my part.

I took a peek at the code and I believe the issue is that you end chapter 4 with *finish instead of *goto_scene, which just sends you to the next scene listed in the *scene_list in startup.txt, and in your scene list you’ve got BuryAFriend after Chapter4, so it’s sending you to that instead of the end of the game.


I think they were having an issue with another scene where you help take care of the injured. It should work fine like the others, as far as I know they work too (I’ll have to test it seems). I end chapter 4 with *finish because it’s to go onto five. Chap.4 is split up into three scenes, all supposed to come back to a specific label in 4 and then finishing, where it would go to 5. I thought I had to list all of the scenes in *scene_list, chronologically, but I can’t necessarily do that with the three branching scenes. Does that make sense?
Also, welcome to the forum!

I didn’t even consider checking the scene_list! @sharpenote is right. Prism, because you’re using *goto_scene to get to your branching scenes, they don’t need to be in the scene list, which should solve the problem.


thank you! I’ve been lurking for a long time but only just decided to take the plunge, haha. I really like your game so far, by the way - when I saw you added a nonbinary option I got so excited I immediately played through the whole thing again.

I always wondered why some games didn’t list certain scenes in their code, thanks @hgbird for solving that mystery for me!


You’re quite welcome! And congrats on moving from lurking to user; it took me awhile, too! :slight_smile:


Oh! So I can take them out and just have the *scene_list as

Chapter One
Chapter Two

and not have the branching scenes in them? Just making sure.

Yep exactly! If you have a branching scene file (one that you’re not supposed to access with the *finish command), best to just not include it in *scene_list to avoid bugs.

From the *goto_scene documentation:

  • “*goto_scene can load any scene file, whether or not that file is included in the *scene_list section of startup.txt.”

  • “Scenes intended to be loaded sequentially, using the *finish command, must be included in the *scene_list section of the startup.txt file located in the ‘scenes’ (…\web\mygame\scenes) folder. However, if you only ever direct the scene file loading using the specific *goto_scene [scene name] command, only your very first, opening scene file need be listed in the *scene_list , as its only purpose is to direct a *finish command.”

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oh dang
so simple
i figured it had to be something as easy as that- we were all sleuthing like some misfit high school detective gang tho I loved this bonding experience :joy:


What a lovely way to see it :joy: