Increasing indent not allowed, expected 3 was 4

I’m downloading notepad++, when it’s will be done, how can I use it directly with the server of the game ?

I try not to recommend it too much (as I’m indisputably biased) but seeing as someone else already did, I do suggest you give CSIDE a go for two reasons:

  • You just write your code and click run, there’s no worrying about servers or connecting it to choicescript etc.
  • It will automatically indent your code for you (to a point), so you should find it easier to manage your indentation.

Yeah, it definitely makes things easier whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in ChoiceScript… Or so I have read, since my laptop isn’t compatible with CSIDE

I literally cried when I learned that it didn’t have a Windows 7 version

Oh, where can I find it ?

Refer this

Thanks, I just have to write my code inside ? Nothing specific to do ?

And if someone can help me with goto please ?

I suggest looking through the whole wiki to get an idea for how all the commands work before asking any further questions. You’ll more than likely find the answer somewhere in each command’s article as they all contain very detailed explanations of how they work in addition to examples of what the code might look like in a game.


I understand that’s it’s make you skip to an another line but how exactly and when do this work ? I tried but It’s saying I have to use the *choice.

If you think you’re going to need a lot of adhoc help, I suggest joining the unofficial Discord server: ChoiceScript Games

It has a #coding-help channel that is much better suited than a forum for these kind of questions.

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Yeah I’d check out the discord. There’s a lot going on in that code that needs fixing and streamlining, maybe too much to easily keep doing on the forum which isn’t real time. The thing that jumped out at me apart from the lack of goto’s is that you have a word after *choice which you shouldn’t do. Check out the code examples down the bottom of this page also to get an idea of how the coding should look in a game

Particularly this one which has simple code:

Edit: I also recommend CSIDE for you over notepad++, especially while you’re trying to learn CS. Notepad++ will not show you errors and you need to use external tools to test your code. CSIDE also has a lot of CS related help topics built in. (There is nothing wrong with Notepad++, I use it myself, but it isn’t nearly as CS specific.)

You will not be able to use choicescript very effectively without reading (and making a serious effort to understand) the beginner’s guide. You can’t do math problems without understanding the math and you can’t speak a language without knowing the grammar and vocabulary. You gotta put in the effort.

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