Images not displaying

I am havin a slight issue, coding wise its all good for image displaying. I created a folder called images where i put images that should be part of game, but when game is uploaded on dashingdon, pictures are not displayed…anyone know how to fix it.

Wait, we can use the dashington as repo for our images? I didn’t know that, I usually use imgur, Dropbox, Google drive or the duck duck go IMG links.

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The most common issue with this is that the references in the code and the actual image names or extensions are different. As examples, ChapterOne.jpg as opposed to chapterone.jpg or secondscene.jpeg instead of secondscene.jpg.


My pictures are in .png format due to me reading here they should be in .png. If i am mistaken please do correct me.

There’s no issue with using .png files for images. What dashingdon is saying is that the name of the file itself and the name used on the *image command need to be identical. So, if the file’s name is chapterone.png, then:

*image chapterone.png center

works fine, but:

*image ChapterOne.png center

doesn’t work.


Code is as i remember that i put: *image images/dragonguard.png that is all.

You only need to put the folder name if the images are in a subfolder, I believe.


Yep. Dashington probably put it all in the same folder. So…

 *image images/dragonguard.png 

Should be

 *image dragonguard.png 

To it work again. :smiley:


Thank you all for quick help!


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