Image Help? Unknown error

I have images for my game and the code is as follows:

*image clark.png

The file name is clark.png but it is a JPG file type. I’m on a new computer now and I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong here. I think I fixed it last time by just renaming it which I’ve done but that isn’t working. The quick test is telling me that the file does not exist.

Does JPG work with C-Script? Do I need to change the file name?

If you are on Windows, it’s possible that file extensions are hidden by default, and what’s displayed is just the name. Is it possible that the file is actually clark.png.jpg? I can’t think of any other way a JPG file would display as clark.png.

Try *image clark.JPG or *image clark.jpg make sure that the file in question is named “clark”

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Thanks. Had to add .jpg. I don’t know if it’s case sensitive but I did it in all lowers.

How do I mark multiple answers as the solution?

No idea, I don’t even know how to mark one answer as the solution.

Fair nuff

You can only add one answer as a solution. If you resolved it on your own it is best to add your answer as the solution. Glad that it worked out. :blush:

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