I'm a freelance illustrator!

Hello all, my name is Mats and i’m a freelance illustrator from Sweden.

After reading Tin Star, which was an absolute hoot, I came here looking for tools to organize a game of my own, but then I noticed this category and thought I should offer my services.

Here’s my portfolio https://ienkub.artstation.com/

and here’s a more comprehensive gallery http://ienkub.deviantart.com/gallery/

I don’t have set fees since every image is different, but it ranges from $100 to $300. Got any questions? Fire away! Want to commission me? emrex@hotmail.com because I’m old school when it comes to my email.


Please change your title. It seems like double entendre, atleast to me(then again i might just be weirdo. :slight_smile: )

See, this is why i should stick to painting! Title changed!

Holy cheese these are really pretty. :heart_eyes: Out of curiosity how long does a piece usually take you?

Oh gosh, that really depends. At least two days: I have to come back the next day and look at it with fresh eyes. A commission takes a longer time for practical reasons, emailing sketches, revising, etc. Two to five days.

And thank you :smile:

They look amazing, great work :blush:

Thank you kindly! Man, this is a friendly forum.

You certainly have a talent, that’s for sure!

Break free was my favorite out of the comprehensive galley. And the portfollio would have to be in the water, the value was really great.

“In the depths” is gorgeous. The creature looks like an animal instead of a monster, which I love.

If only! Great teachers, hard work, and a lot of time is what I have :wink:

@SweetScarlet and @HornHeadFan
Thanks guys! Note to self: more paintings of things under water.

As which is needed for all forms of success :wink:

“Spirit of the Forest” and “Break Free” are absolutely beautiful and stunning! I will definitely be keeping an eye on your work in case I’d want a commission done for my game.

What if the most challenging one you’ve done to date?

Aww man, what a question! I’ve got a series of paintings starting with http://fav.me/d6misjf (if you scroll down to the description you’ll see the rest of them) that were very personal, and that’s challenging. The Fisherman http://fav.me/d888w3x is about dementia and my father, so that one was of course challenging too. They’re all challenging in one way or another, sometimes because they’re very personal and emotional and sometimes because they’re compositionally difficult. And you’ll notice in my gallery that it’s very character oriented, not that many buildings or vehicles. I’m getting better at that though.