If command not displaying text

Hello people!
I’ve encountered a problem yet again. :laughing:

I’m having issues with the *if command. It doesn’t display the text I want it to. Instead, it jumps to another scene and just goes from there (I’ve double checked the *goto commands.)

There’s no error box that pops up when I run the game, I just notice that it skips past paragraphs.

This is the part that goes wrong:

*hide_reuse #Get a few hours of rest.
	*if (Auline < 30)
		Blah blah.
		*goto morning_duties

	*if (Auline > 40)
		blah blah
		*goto morning_duties

I’ve read though the wiki page multiple times but I can’t find the error. What am I doing wrong? :sweat:

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What is the variable auline currently at? If it’s 30-40, it’ll just skip because there’s no if statement for that range.

Oh. It starts out at 30, and then it can grow or shrink (that cannot be the right terminology).

I’ll get back once I’ve edited the scene in question a bit. :rofl:

Alright! I’m saying that with the current code, if the variable was at 31, it would skip over everything.

So you can write *if (auline <=30) and then *if (auline >=31) for the other one. You could also just make the other statement an *else so that anything 30+ would go to that one!

But let me know if that works or if it’s another issue :slight_smile:

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It’s working now! Thank you so much for the explanation! :smile:

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You’re welcome! Glad it worked and good luck with your code

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