SOLVED *elseif statements not displaying


Hello, everyone!

I’m having a problem with my *elseif statements not displaying. In the stats screen, I have a general area where a character’s opinion of the MC is displayed in text, based on their current relationship value. Basic stuff, isn’t it?

I think the problem must be with my indentation? But when I try to test the game it doesn’t tell me that anything is wrong, it just displays the *else statement. Before I added the *else statement, it was simply left blank. I decided to try and test it by setting one of the *elseif statements equal to the starting relationship value with said character, but it continues to show the *else statement instead.

Not sure what the problem is here, but could someone tell me potential issues? I’d show someone the code, but I don’t have internet, so I’m typing all this on my phone. I guess, it’s possible that I could take a picture with my phone? But I don’t want to share my potentially embarrassingly obvious mistake with the whole world, either, to be honest. Let alone spoil the surprise.


Until we have the code we’re not really going to be able to help …


Check the conditions are correct. If it’s relationship based make sure the first option is the highest then go down otherwise if the first options are

*if rep >10
*elseif rep > 20

An MC with 25 rep would always see the results for *if rep > 10.


Thanks for the optimism! Could I have posted the code, I certainly would have. I’m aware that it is hard (almost impossible) to pinpoint the problem without seeing it, but it wasn’t an option for me.

That being said, I’m pretty sure @Nocturnal_Stillness got it right, as I started with the lowest value and went up. I’ll test it out when I get home from work, but either way, I’d still like to extend my gratitude for the assistance.


Yeah you just need to remember *if *elseif and *else blocks use *gotos so if you start with the lowest option it will always trigger that first and skip the code for the rest of the block.


So, there were two problems.

The first is what @Nocturnal_Stillness suggested.

The second, is that I was an idiot who was coding half asleep and put asterisks in front of everything.


Nevertheless, the problem was solved. Go team!