[I Need help] Choice of Vampire; how to drink another vampire's blood

How do I kill and drink Cecil Lynch’s blood? and are there others instances?

@jasonstevanhill any advice you can give me boss?

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I don’t think we can do anything to cecil except mess with his head. But if you want to drink another vampire’s blood, you can drink the blood of the vampire that wanted to blow the depot tho. (i forgot his name)

You must confront him and fight him. When you have overpowered him choose to kill him. But you must be stronger and better at fights. Try to at least get both stat to 2.

It is important that your strenght match your fighting stat.

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In the first chapter of the game, you get two chances to do this. Once with the second guy at the depot, and once with Cecil Lynch. As far as I know, you have to have worse stats that Cecil, and be presented with the option of ‘Letting the beast out’ or something of the like. You’ll beat him, and then you have the option of letting him go, or killing him and drinking his blood.