I have asked this before but since paypal is the only way to get paid for writers, Is there a way I can get paid with skrill?



Skrill seems like a good option for people who do not have access to paypal in their country.


Actually, writers can be paid by direct deposit (and that is the recommended form of payment, since PayPal takes 3%).

I don’t know anything about skrill.


Let’s say I want to write and also create a game using choicescript. Is that the same as writing? or is there some other process for that? Because the last time I heard was that direct deposit to bank accounts that are located in other countries is difficult because money is deducted from both ends.


Yes, that’s the same as writing.

I think money gets taken at both ends no matter what. But via paypal 3% goes to paypal, and then you need to also pay tax in your own country. By direct deposit you just need to worry about tax in your own country (although I’m sure some is taken by the USA as well, there’s nothing to be done about that).


So, just to be clear, I can get my potential money wired to me?
even If I am in another country?


It would’ve been better just to ask on your original thread.

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Hi @qsmrf I think that COG has already answered that for you in your other post. Bear in mind, you will probably need to get the appropriate documents filled in from your tax department in order to get paid. Not sure how that works for Pakistan, you’d have to find out. I can tell you from experience it may not be straight forward, so if you’re wanting to publish something to make money from it rather than posting it on a free website such as dashingtons I’d look into that first.


Well, I do freelance writing from Pakistan and the money gets wired to me normally, with the amount that is to be deducted automatically deducted when I withdraw the cash from the website I freelance on. So lets say i made 100$ and when I withdraw that to my account, after deductions, the amount is somewhere around 91$ or something.

and thats about it tbh. There is nothing complicated I had to do in that case.

So, is it the same way if I write a COG or not? tbh I think it will work the same way.


Things often work differently depending on which countries you’re dealing with money transfers wise. I don’t live in Pakistan so I don’t know. You’ll have to check with your tax department since it seems many countries do require documents for tax purposes. General people on the forums here (myself included) cannot answer specific questions relating to the running of COG. You will need to contact COG with a specific question. The answer you have been given though seems to be bank transfer or paypal only. If there are additional docs in order to get payments though you’ll need to organise them at your end as well.

(BTW skrill looks like a really bad option anyway, even if it was allowed http://blog.timedoctor.com/2015/01/27/best-options-send-money-pakistan )

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