I, Cyborg — Outfly, outshoot, and outwit all your enemies!



Thanks I wasn’t sure if it was the hotheaded or self interest stat that she kept on breaking up with me for.


I enjoy this interactive fiction very much , i appreciate the opportunity to role-play the life of a cyborg… which i believe if we whole-heartily let ourselves live within the role and body of the protagonist (who is a cyborg) , we will discover many hidden philosophical gems within the story that allow us to expand our thinking …

For start, protagonist is a 15 years old cyborg , who many of his parts are starting to wear out, but also with a 30 years memory of his creator … along the story line, there is indication that the protagonist may have a danger of permanently shut down if new parts are not found , there was a temporary shut down scene in which the protagonist memory start replaying his creator and himself’s memory , it was an interesting plot for us to imagine what will be the meaning of “dying” to a cyborg ? For a mechanical beings , dying may simply like shutting down and wiping out the memory without after-thought ? Is it a better way to “die” when they don’t have to suffer the pain of illness and discomfort … There is also further philosophical exploration when Quillon the Pirate Queen was asking if a cyborg inherit all memory of his creator after the creator had perish, will the cyborg be consider that former person ? All these had made I-Cyborg such an inetersting read…

In addition there is also a chance to choose your background which will determine the personality of yourself, like you can choose to return stolen goods to the museum owner out of self conscience , which defy yourself not a notorious criminal like your creator The interaction with the creator’s former love interest can actually be view as a redemption path on behalf of your creator , trying to mend the old wound made by the creator … worth notice the protagonist is a cyborg , any love and romance may only limited to spiritual affection , which can be heart warming too… It is similar like the romance between the protagonist in Planescape with a succubus , where the succubus can only love the protagonist in her heart without physical contact …

Overall, this is a very promising weird science interaction fiction … if we read the story carefully, it leave us with many things to ponder about, especially the meaning of our existence


I really enjoyed playing this game! I’m not a huge fan of this particular genre of sci-fi but I do like crime/heist thrillers.

I liked playing as a non-human character for once, and I liked that while your cyborg-ness is important to the plot, the story wasn’t all about the humanity of AI and whatnot (like Detroit Become Human, for example). I also really enjoyed the characters, particularly Quillion, since I guess I have a thing for bad boys/rival romance. I agree with the others about the lack of saves and all the stats though, since it’s pretty tedious having to restart all the time.

Also, I’ve only survived the game once, every other time my bus fails and Quillon ends up killing me. I still haven’t quite figured what I did right that one time lmao.


How do you steal Ypsilanti’s ship


Liked game very much, dreamed about new Sci-fi CoG for a while now.
I also adore Ypsilanti, just my number one love of this game. And REGN/BOGN is also cool and kinda cute. Love friendly AI characters around.
But I have walkthrough question: do I win flying contest? Always get second place no matter what.
Also agree that absence of save is rather irritating - one attempt or restart the hole have if you didn’t like the outcome.


Does anyone know how to impersonate Ypsilanti and steal her ship? any help would be greatly appreciated


Before you meet with the people who made the ship, you can ask Q, Marley, or Kristin about Ypsilanti. Try to follow the guidelines they give you. If they say Ypsilinati was cool-headed, choose the unflappable option or vice versa. Same with heart of gold vs. self-interested.

If you still wind up making a misstep, pay attention to what Kooi (sp?) says about what tipped them off about you being the cyborg. That should clue you in about how you should act.


How does one win the airshow? I’ve replayed it several times, but no matter what I do, I always come in second. :expressionless:


I honestly think using Ypsilinati’s ship is the deciding factor - while flying it I screwed up the acrobatics section and yet still managed to come first overall.

And while I’m here, does agreeing to take part in the poachers’ plan to kill Helen actually let you kill off said character? Don’t really wanna do a whole new playthough just to find out if you can or not.

Also @sebastienflight, one way to survive the end game is to pick the option to help as many people as possible escape the Rain - you’re hailed as a hero in the aftermath and the publicity helps uncover another bus for you.


I’ve been flying the ship I stole from Ypsilanti, and I still lost every time I tried. xd Maybe my stats are too low? I’ve got 80 piloting and 77 gunnery with Ypsilanti’s ship.


Is it possible to get the braid? I always end up with only the data.


But how exactly would i know what Ypsilanti came for. I always end up drawing a blank and failing


After you choose to erase some of your own or Ypsilanti’s memories, you must escape the place. If you haven’t managed to get the entire braid, it sounds like you made the check to leave. You can lie to Wynne (high Fast Talk check), shoot your way out (Gunnery), mislead crew members (Fast Talk again, I think), and one more I can’t recall. At least 65 in each corresponding skill should cover it (not sure what the exact bar is) except lying to Wynne, which requires higher (Maybe 68?).

Hmm… I’m not sure, I’ve only played it all the way through with one playstyle (albeit several times), and I always managed to puzzle it out when I tried to think of why Ypsilanti came to the system and about possible contacts.

The choice directly preceeding my character getting a lead involved following up a lead with REGN/BOGN, Silva, Noha, or Wynne. I just chose Noha since I had the highest with knowledge about him, though the text did mention something about hacking so Mechanic may have helped with that particular lead. Not sure what the checks will be for the others.


You probably need more Knowledge about Ypsilanti.


@ADolphin Those stats are fine, really good actually. You could be messing up in two ways I think.

First, you have to make the right choices during the airshow. Both the piloting and gunnery sections have a choice where you have to pick the appropriate option for your Unflappable/Hotheaded stats and AI/Human stats. There will always be a correct option for you to pick regardless of what your stats are, just make sure to pick the one that represents your character. For example, my high AI, high Unflappable character’s correct options were “Keeping my instincts and emotions in check” and “This isn’t a time for emotion, just math.” Any other option would be less effective for that character.

Second, there is a hidden stat called airshow_bonus that is added onto your score at the end of the competition, which can help you win the Loving Cup as well as the piloting and gunnery awards. You gain airshow_bonus throughout the game usually by talking about the airshow with the main characters. Doing well when stealing the governor’s data braid will also give you a substantial amount of airshow_bonus. You will almost certainly need at least a small amount of airshow_bonus to win.

It’s also worth noting that shooting down Wynne during the airshow will severely worsen your piloting score, even if you succeed.

The easiest way to win first place without bothering with any of that would be to cheat by hacking Pehlivan’s drone with at least 70 mechanical skill and 35 Knowledge: Pehlivan and crashing it into the Sinew Polarity, because that sets back second place by a massive amount. You’d still need to do decently to win though.

@Coines You can’t kill Helen/Frank directly, but you can basically send them on the path to an extremely slow and painful death. It’s really cruel.

@Beaterxys @Jordan_Felts When you have the option to pick one of Ypsilanti’s exes to talk with, pick one that you have a high relationship with. They’ll tell you what Ypsilanti is like personality wise. Then when you get to base, try to act like what they said Ypsilanti was like. If they said she was nice, then act nice. If she was selfish, act selfish. Same with whether she was calm or emotional. You also need to have at least 38 Knowledge: Ypsilanti to be successful.


You can also affect the competitor who’d otherwise finish first (even if you don’t cheat during the airshow). If you steal the Bellerophon II, Ypsilanti has to compete in the Bellerophon, and his/her scores will be lower and easier to beat. (And since the Bellerophon II is the only ship that gives both a gunnery and a piloting bonus, it will help your scores, too.)


Do you consider a sequel for I, Cyborg ? I really love the adventure and space opera for the whole story universe … it really tell the story of a cyborg protagonist who embark a life journey of his/her own , characters who we meet along the journey are also memorable and each has their own distinguish personality such Marley who is sort of an ideal environmentalist … i especially love the light tackle of the issue of preserving ecosystem in the reserve forest :slight_smile:

Personally i think the romance story line is alright , the romance scenes with love interest were well done … not sure why some will complain about the lack of romance , they need to understand the protagonist is a cyborg who took identity of the creator , so there is a lot of trust issue involves… and space opera adventure is still the main theme here

I do think romance interaction should be more promising in the sequel since we already laid down a solid background and personality for potential romance interests


Not so much lack of romance, but I already said I would have liked more time with Gamaliel as he’s cute and funny and adorable. Had I beta tested I would have suggested always making Quillon come out on bottom during the big score if romanced so you always aid him after the airshow, as that would have provided me with at least one more cute scene that I must sadly miss now.


Hmmm… perhaps it was about balancing the romance story line between all potential ROs ? That’s why there should be a sequel to carry on the romance story line here :slight_smile:

I like the Quillon love scene , but just thought i would like to clarify her actual love interest before investing too much feeling on her, is she really like the protagonist or the memory ?? what happen if she has to choose between the original and the cyborg ?

But for Marley’s romance scene, it was made clear that she knew exactly how to differentiate between the protagonist and the creator , her doubt was whether the protagonist is going to manipulate her like the creator , so i have more feeling for her when i tried to convince her i am different and i like the line " One can only be honest if he/she had a home ", which Marley replied with a cosy line of her own

and Sphinx, really hope to have more adventure time with her :slight_smile:


I’m just trying the demo right now and enjoying it a lot, so far.

ETA: have the controls on the mobile apps gotten more sensitive? This is the first time I’ve accidentally selected an option while trying to scroll. I didn’t even get to read the option I hit before the app progressed me to the next page. Needless to say, it did not give me the desired result.