I, Cyborg — Outfly, outshoot, and outwit all your enemies!



I would absolutely consider it - the story is set in an enormous civilization that we only see a small part of, and it’s clear there are more adventures you could have there. If the sales for I, Cyborg justify it, I’ll suggest a sequel to Choice of Games.


The other thing with impersonating Ypsilanti is if you went extreme on some of your stats (Hot-Headed/Calm or Heart of Gold/Selfish, etc.)

As others have said, an Ex would then tell you whether she was angry/calm, nicer/meaner than you…and obviously if you match up, replicate said behavior.


That’s cool news that you consider possibility of a sequel! Lets hope for the best, I would absolutely play another game in this universe. :grin:


I tried posing as Ypsilanti and failed, and at the end the guys said my cyborg was an “asshole”. Which, first: rude! Second: does this mean I made an incorrect dialogue choice, or that one of my skills/stats was too low? I had 68-ish charm, if I remember right.


I think there is only one check for skills in the beginning, the first choice when you arrive. All others need to be done according to Ypsilanti’s personality described to you by one of their exes.


I guess I misread Quillon’s description. Probably I should have tipped the engineers or something.


Also, is there a reason why name of our dear smuggler creator and suggested MC’s names are actually names of cities?


I figured in some ways it was sort of an homage to like Indiana Jones. (Yeah, it is the name of a state, but still geographical)


Does anyone know how to save Pehlivan? My knowledge of her is 33% is that what prevents me from saving her?


You need to have at least 40 knowledge of whoever you’re defending, or at least 37 relationship with someone else. For Pehlivan, that someone is REGN/BOGN. You also need to successfully defend either just yourself or the entire ship with the turrets. And you need at least a partial success in deceiving/charming/bribing the attackers.


Makes sense, that’s why I couldn’t save her in all my playthroughs. I had the right relationship % for REGN/BOGN but not Pehlivan . Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Great story. I loved it.


Sill no matter how many times and ive made the same character and chose every possible option i can never properly impersonate Ypslanti.


Here’s a series of hints, proceeding from subtle to a detailed how-to, on how to impersonate Ypsilanti.

  1. Any character build can successfully do this. None of the five skills are tested once you head for the Sundial.

  2. There are several possible failure messages depending on exactly why you failed.

  3. If you hear that you "“Acted unsure about things Ypsilanti would know for certain,” your Knowledge: Ypsilanti stat is too low. (It needs to be 38 or higher.) There are lots of conversations during the game where you can ask an NPC about Ypsilanti, and during this chapter you can also increase this stat with the options following the text that says “But that doesn’t mean the trail’s gone entirely cold.”

  4. You also have to imitate Ypsilanti’s personality. You have Heart of Gold/Self-Interest and Hotheaded/Unflappable stats - and so does Ypsilanti, and Y’s values aren’t identical to yours. You need to act like Ypsilanti, not like yourself. Ypsilanti’s ex will give you some tips if your relationship is good enough.

  5. Every time you deal with the staff at the Sundial, you have four options. In some order, they’ll be

  • Heart of Gold/Hotheaded

  • Heart of Gold/Unflappable

  • Self-Interest/Hotheaded

  • Self-Interest/Unflappable

    It doesn’t matter what you think - just what other people can see you doing.

  1. Ypsilanti’s Heart of Gold can be low, medium-low, medium-high, or high. Same for his/her Hotheaded/Unflappable.

  2. When you’re imitating Ypsilanti, you have three chances to imitate his/her personality. Ideally - there’s a little margin of error - you want the following totals:

Ypsilanti’s stat/Your matching responses

It’s okay if one of the totals is off by one (you wanted a 0 and had a 1, or wanted a 3 and got a 2.) But it can’t be off by a larger amount. And if both totals are wrong, you also fail.

  1. If your Heart of Gold is high, Ypsilanti’s is low - and vice-versa. If yours is medium-high, Ypsilanti’s is medium-low - and vice-versa. So in this respect, you need to treat the Sundial mechanics a little differently from the way you’ve been playing so far.

  2. Ypsilanti’s Hotheaded stat is always the same as yours, though.


While it’s never spelled out, “Ypsilanti” seems to be a nickname, not the name s/he was born with - and place names are a common source of nicknames. A cyborg who also decided to go with a place name is, in his, her, or its way, still thinking like Ypsilanti.

(And Lys is right - it was also a geographic name with the same rhythm as “Indiana Jones”.)




Whereas I just named my cyborg Yolanda so that I could collectively call them “the Whys”.


One of the things I liked about the name “Ypsilanti” is the way that unusual Y initial is a single line that splits and heads off in divergent directions. It’s a sort of one-letter sum-up of what the story’s about.


Ok so I just finished the game last night and had some questions?

You are unable to romance Smáradottir from what I read above, even though I feel you should. That is until she betrays you.

Is that what happened though?
I was confused at the flashback where Smáradottir found the tracker told us then erased our memory? Why? Why did she do that? I don’t think you even get a damn chance to confront her about it.


She doesn’t. The tracker is programmed in such a way that it’s impossible for the Cyborg to become aware of its existence. That’s part of its function.

And I would say the reason it’s impossible to romance her is because she’s a little wiser than Ypsilanti’s other two exes – who both seem to have a need to “come back for more” despite the fact that their respective relationships ended badly. But that’s just my interpretation.