I can suggest ideas for your game

Have a game without an umph tell me about it and I’ll suggest somethings on it and won’t be so boring anymore

Don’t you have a lot of projects already on the table? How can someone believe that you can really make their scrapped game “blossom” while working on so many things.

Take it one at a time man.


You have a lot of WiPs coming out and stuff. I know that it’s hard to finish something (unless you’re @Cataphrak or @Lucid), and I often benefit from working multiple projects, but sometimes too much is too much. And you keep asking people to code for you, so I’m confused what exactly your services would be.

Ninja’d by @RyseAbove, but I had to put in my two-cents.


I like to have a lot of things at once it pushes me to a limit and if I get tired of something I can work on something else you get my drift right

I do… but it’s really hard to finish your (5, maybe) WiPs, and promise people to make their forgotten ideas blossom, AND work, or go to school, or whatever you do.

If you can finish something and get it hosted then I will DEFINITELY support whatever method you use.

P.S. I’m not basing you personally, @Xavier_Kirton. I just feel that you have had many random threads spring up and I’m kind of confused by your… motives… might be the word. I can’t lie, there’s a 10% chance I’m gonna finish any one of my two games, and I’ve had TONS of ideas spring up to me.

My point is, it’s really hard to multi-task, and I apologize if this is really “bashing” or against the forum rules. I never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, just putting’ my thoughts out there.


But this is my first time I’m actually a pretty new person to this forum but I love writing and I’m the King Of Multitasking. There will be no ideas given up expect Average Joe that was just a swing at my first game. I will assure that everything I come up with will be completed
So have faith

Um, hi, I was wondering if you could give me a few ideas for my game. I’m working on a game where you’re an inventor trying to become famous, I was wondering if you had any ideas for inventions. There are two types of inventions that appear in the game, the inventions meant for retail and for the general public vs inventions meant to help the MC navigate and survive dungeon crawls for more materials.