I am a coder - Looking for coding projects

So me and my brother are making a game and while we only work on weekend - and choicescript made me a fan and i love coding in it ( weird huh.) so i am looking for some coding projects
(i have spare free time )
so do you guys have some projects that need coding?

PM me


I need help in my project, it starts on july
Im going to post a interest check on the stories soon after that we can work the initials.

consider it done
but july is not coming anytime soon so i am still open to other projects
and @Black_Wraith_Panthom contact me when your project starts

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Thanks bro , ill message you the initials soon.

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I have a project that’s started a bit already.

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I am full !!! yeah that sound good :smile:

Hello. Are you still taking requests?

Anyone who is reading this and have something that needs coding PM me.

Still looking for a project? I would love to get into dialogue and discuss what I have planned and what I need help with.