Html not displaying on tablet

So I’m trying to code on my Samsung Tab 3. I can download, extract, and open the .html file in my browser. But it acts as if no code has been written. I haven’t changed a single thing since downloading the base file from github, and yet the web page acts as if there aren’t any scenes or coding.

I’ve coded before but that was on a computer, not a tablet. I’m not sure if the problem extends from using a tablet, the browser (just Samsung internet, I can’t figure out how to get it to open with Firefox instead) or something else.

Anyone else have experience coding on a tablet?

I assume the problem is most likely from my browser but my tablet won’t let me open it with Firefox for some reason.

Are you opening it via clicking the html file or opening it via ‘open file’ in firefox?

I believe samsung internet is using google’s engine, so there’s the first problem.

Clicking on it. I can’t find the ‘open file’ option in Firefox.

And when I uninstalled Samsung Internet, it let me pick a new program to open it with, but Firefox wasn’t one of them for some reason.

You can open it in Firefox typing file:///storage/emulated/0 into the address bar. You can find the location of the index file there. That’s how I code with my phone.

It worked! You’re my hero.

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