Html files not loading


I am currently having troubles with my HTML files not loading properly in either Firefox or Internet Explorer, Whenever I try to open them it just opens the chosen source in a new tab.

I would greatly appreciate help with this.


Source? As in source code?
Could you provide us with screenshots?


Not really… just when I try to open an HTML document from inside the documents section it doesn’t open the HTML just the internet browser.


Yea same thing is happening to me as well I go to click on the index launcher in the choicescript file after I extract it from the file and all it brings up is the web browser. It does not bring up my game :frowning:


@Lapagean Inside the documents section? Do you mean “doc” folder? If you do, those HTML files are two pages of the tutorial. You should run “index” that is in “mygame” folder. “mygame” is in “web” folder.


@DSeg I know, that is the one I am trying… it’s HTML files in general in the folder that aren’t opening.

@StarWarsMaster Have you found a solution to the problem?


Nope I did that I even downloaded a bunch of different files it’s not working.


@StarWarsMaster Yeah okay… I wonder what the problem is?