HTML in ChoiceScript

I have a question regarding HTML in CS.

What is the extent of it and what HTML can we use as we create our games. For example when it comes to conversation between characters, npc’s or anyone else. So far i am constantly using the following html.

An example from the game:

[i]"So..what is the book about."[/i] 

[i]"As i have said before, an Elven Princess who fell in love with a peasant. Being from noble family, the peasant was not accepted by her family. But their love know no bounds."[/i]

[i]"They hid their love from the rest, and kept meeting in secret ..many times over. However the peasant was actually of noble birth, a descendant of one of the kings. Not knowing this however, he grew up on small farm, with adoptive parents."[/i]

I believe this is sort of…more on design than anything else, but it does mark the conversations easier to read.

With that said, i do wonder, however, do i have to [/i] or to put in other words, close the tag at the end of a sentence.

Or is a single [i] at beginning of sentence enough to form it in that way. Back to main subject, what is the extent of HTML i am using CSIDE myself, and i wonder what HTML codes does CS code allows, and what all can be used?

What you’re using (and describing) is BBCode, although the similarity is only at the syntax. In actuality, CS identifies those tags and converts the text into actual HTML tags via JS replace() method.

Normally, in HTML, you’d want to put closing tags for italics. But due to the way CS functions, this is unneeded. I still recommend putting the closing tags, though.

I don’t really understand this question, but if I’m getting it right, here’s my attempt at answering it.

CS converts your texts in .txt files into a functional HTML page. In that sense, CS is capable of all the HTML things. However, what you can do in HTML is limited as CS basically dictates what can you write in HTML context. You can’t write <p style="font-size:12;background-color:lightblue"> and have this

You can, however, do [url=link]text[/url] to add a “text” containing a hyperlink to another webpage, though it’s kinda finicky as it doesn’t point to actual www sites (it looks for a webpage in the same folder of index.html instead).


Thanks for the quick answer.

And to clarify myself, i am interested in posibilites i can do with this. And by that i mean, what other things can i use to enchance the text, such as [i] [b] ([u] maybe?)

Things like that.

As for now, CS only accepts bold and italic. No superscript, no text resizing nor coloring, etc.

You can use emojis, however.

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Eh…emojis, I’d rather not.


That would be all, thank you very much for answering my questions in such a swift manner!

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