How to run Randomtest without using Firefox?

Ugh. I’ve been trying to get the CCH update to CoG for two weeks now and keep running into the same problem…

I right click the Randomtest HTML file, and it opens fine. Then I try to run 500 iterations (or sometimes just 250) and it keeps freezing up over and over. I’ve probably tried 50 times.

Can someone walk me through how to run Randomtest without using Firefox? I’ve tried to search for this problem but I haven’t found the answer anywhere.

No idea if this will help, but:

I had a similar problem last week, and I found I had an error that randomtest wasn’t reporting. Instead, it would just freeze.

It was a sequence of *if statements after one of the choices, with a *goto after each *if. I changed the *if sequence to *if, *elseif, and *else, and it stopped freezing.

I noticed it was always freezing right around the same spot, which is what helped me figure it out (the same 300 lines of code in that choice, heheh.)

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll study it more closely. It runs 25 iterations and sometimes up to 200 but freezes with larger numbers. It passes quicktest.

If I can’t figure it out, maybe I’ll reinstall Firefox.

The weird thing is that I mostly just fixed typos and tweaked some content so I’m not sure how I could have introduced a bug doing that. I think its a computer or Firefox issue.

Well I reinstalled and updated Firefox and it STILL runs buggy. It eventually made it through 1000 iterations a few times (but it involved a lot of “not responding” messages and freezing up - so I just walked away for 20 minutes and came back) so I guess that’s good enough, considering it also passed quicktest, but there has to be a better. This buggy testing is going to slow my work on Part 2 to a crawl if I can’t test more efficiently.

If any tech folks have suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them. I guess for now I’m submitting the CCH update to CoG.

FWIW, you can use certain meta-commands to guide Randomtest.

*if not(choice_randomtest) will, for example, hide whatever’s subordinate to it from Randomtest.


Ah, so, that’s how I’ll handle my *input_number lines in the future…